August 18th, 2004

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Been at it again ...

I seem to be on an icon making spree at the moment - probably because I can't type properly :).

Same drill as always: if you want them please feel free to take them and credit in key words. A comment would be nice too :).
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Okay, this has been bothering me for a couple of days....

As some of you on one of my friends filters will know I've been thinking about icons lately, and I'm curious:

What do you look for in an icon?

I was wandering around some of the icon journals and I just don't get it. They all seem the same. Colour fades, text that is often too small to read or faded out so you can barely see it, odd crops, use of what seem to have become standard icon brushes. They aren't all like that of course, but a hell of a lot of them are, and I was just wondering if it's a fad among icon makers or if icon users actually want all their icons to look the same.

What I look for in an icon is one of the following:
1) Prettiness - does it appeal to my eye and since my taste is wide and varied this can be lots of different things
2) Clever wording/pictuer use - does it make me think or laugh
3) Subject matter - does it appeal to me in content

It seems to me that in some quarters icon making is going the same way as perfume advertising: you can't figure what the hell it's on about. :) All moody filters and old eighties pop songs or some woman sighing into the microphone (okay so you can't get sound on an icon, but you know what I mean ::g::)

I always thought that if something had text on it you were supposed to be able to read it, was I wrong in this assumption? Interested to hear your thoughts.

[Edit - to clarify, I'm not saying I dislike them all, some of them are very pretty to look at, but there seem to be so many which are of a muchness.]