August 17th, 2004

touch of darkness


Just read a fabulous H/D fic by brenantrim called View Askew. It's rated R, and is a fabulous look at how Draco makes his own way in the whole Harry/Voldemort business. Draco is spot on, there are moments of humour and of angst to keep everyone happy, and it is simply beautifully written. Go read.

P.S. Found it via a rec in ashesinthewind's LJ.

Can we say "bored"!

Okay, so I'm waiting for something to start working again and decided that it was time for a poll (just because ;)). I'm sure this has been asked hundereds of times, but what the hell! ::g::

Poll #336985 Favourite H/D fanfic

What is your favourite type of Harry/Draco fic?

Fluff - happy, joyful, love and nothing bad
Angst - they're polar opposites, it can't be plain sailing
Drama - the world will throw them so many obstacles to be fought off
Smut - you mean there are H/D stories that have plot?
Flangst - the world is against them; it is so bad, the end is nigh; but you can bet that it'll be a happy one.
BDSM - come on, one of them is gonna want to tie up the other one and spank him.
Smuff - it's happy and it hints that they're doing the naughty.
Snuff - one of them is a gonner for sure.

Please tell me what your favourite is if I didn't list it.

shag both

Been at the icons again ;)

Here are my latest two, I was in a quote mood:

[Edit: feel free to snatch them if you're insane enough to want to ;), just comment and then credit in the key words, thanks]
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