August 13th, 2004

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Definitions of types of stories

emcue was asking questions about fic length etc which got me thinking. Then I went looking and found this:

Type of StoryWord LengthEstimated Number of Pages
Drabble100 words1
VignetteLess than 500 words1-2
Short Story2,500-5,00011-22
Novel 40,000 175

Anyone know of any other definitions, or is this about right?

[Edit - using dacro's entry, here is an updated table with fandom terms]
Type of Story marginalia Scale :) Fandom Term Word Length
Vignette Drabble 100
Vignette Double Drabble 200
Vignette Tripple Drabble 300
Vignette Ficlet 301-500
Short-Short Ficlet 500-1000
Short-Short Fic 1000-2000
Short Story Fic 2,500-5,000
Novelette Fic 5,000-14,000
Novella Fic 15,000-40,000
Novel Fic 40,000-
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Off to Andromeda con this weekend, so won't be online at all. Have fun without me, see y'all Monday (or Sunday night depending when I get home) :).