July 26th, 2004


Well that was a weekend and a half ...

Had the inlaws over this weekend and I don't think we stopped all weekend. The boys went to an airshow and we girls went shopping on Saturday - then we all went out for a meal in the evening. Then yesterday, lunch seemed to take all morning to organise and all afternoon to eat ::g::.

I am attempting to introduce my mother-in-law to the joys of fandom and slash ::g::. I have lent her the zine of GTS, but told her she doesn't have to read it if she hates it ;). I have also set her up an LJ: vonnie_d, and she won't be online much until they have broadband set up at home, but if you see her around that's who it is. She's a lovely lady, and if I can just get her hooked I think she'll enjoy playing with the rest of us ::g::.

hpvamp has a new challenge now that the Quiet Ones is finished:
Fit to be tied (the bondage challenge) Due Sept 1
There's really only two rules - one or more of the participants must be of the vamp persuasion and one or more must be tied up at some point. Anything goes, from a gen epic where someone is bound to a post, to a slash BDSM PWP with anything inbetween. Just have fun ::eg::. Details can be found along the link.

[Edit: for those of you who read/write Harry/Draco - there is a lovely archive here: An Unlikely Pair. Open membership.]

Brain complications ...

It never ceases to amaze me how complicated my brain can make things. I'm writing the third one in the Corruption Sequence (three scenes to go, so almost there ;)), and I have one scene which is almost as long as the first fic! It was supposed to be a simple one shot and it just keeps growing. I did a calendar for it the other day so I could keep straight what happens, when, and I realised all three fics take place in a span of only just over a week and yet it keeps gaining scenes. Ah well, almost done :).