June 22nd, 2004


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First of all ... sorry I'm behind still, I've been down with a flu bug for the last two days ... still don't feel great, but it was come in to work of get thoroughly depressed watching day time TV :) - I never really thought about it, but day time TV is one long downer!

Secondly Happy Birthday girlsigh - hope you have a wonderful day and many returns there of.

Thirdly - go check out dacro's LJ again because she has more fic:
Charlotte's Dream - some nice mental images in here ::eg::
The Stall - a birthday drabble for girlsigh

Fourthly - kaalee Happy Belated Birthday, hope you had a fab day.

Question for all you writers out there ...

Do you enjoy reading your own work?

This occured to me because my copy of GTS the zine arrived last week and I sat down and read it from cover to cover ::g::. It started off as a flick through to see what it looked like in print and then I started reading and just kept going. To some this may seem egocentric, but I admit that I often read through my other fic as well. Quite simply I write the kind of thing I like to read and when it's been sitting around for a while it can be quite fun to refamiliarise myself with what I have written. There were whole scenes in GTS that I had forgotten I put in there ;).

So is anyone else as Narcissistic as me? Do you enjoy reading what you have written?

Also, does anyone else find that reading fiction in print is completely different from reading it on a screen? I found with the zine version of GTS that I noticed different things to when I read it on the PC.