May 27th, 2004


Pimping, and the_pimp_cane

the_pimp_cane business
First of all the_pimp_cane it tightening up on the need for a disclaimer and has published a list of those who need to fill it in. Go put in your disclaimer or you will be moderated, and you posting access will be removed (if you are on the_pimp_cane and are not 100% sure you sent in your disclaimer please check the list).

Bill Week at the_pimp_cane
You know you want to write or draw Bill don't you; handsome redheaded curse breaker - I'm sure you have something you must write. Enter the challenge here.

You have to sign up to this - swap your bunnies, you know you want to.

Drabble Heaven
If you like drabbles then you really have to check this out: prisoner of azkaban drabble challenge master list