May 17th, 2004


The Weekend

Okay, I'm going to gush now (just thought I'd warn you).
Expo was fab, completely manic, but so much fun as well. All the actors were lovely.

Craig Parker spent the entire weekend wearing odd colours flipflops: I have no clue why, but there are some things I think it is better not to ask ::g::. He is such a lovely man (and yummy too ;)). He was so sweet when doing the photo session - the way they work is Rob has the digital SLR connected to a screen so I can QA all the piccies before we move on to the next shot, and Craig was explaining to all the attendees that it wasn't them it was the contrast on the camera, everytime we had to retake; so sweet. Lovely, lovely man.

Then there were the other LotR boys; John Nobel, very nice man, great giggle. John Leigh - bonkers and boy can he do accents, very nice chap. Lawrence Makaore - big, lovely hair, and boy can he wiggle his arse, also completely bonkers and very lovely with it. Jarl and Jorn Benzon, very nice chaps, but didn't have much chance to interact with them.

Oh yeah, and how can I forget the Enterprise boys? ;) Dominic Keating is one sandwich short of a full loaf ::g::. He's a very nice chap, but completely bonkers ;). He was hilarious in the photo sessions; he was all up for the hugging and some of his comments were fabulous; as for what he was doing whilst Connor was having his piccie taken - when the photographer can't take the pictures because he's laughing too much, then you know the peanut gallery is on form ::g::. Connor Trineer is a lovely chap; not as insane as Dominic, but very willing to have fun. I get the feeling he has had practice keeping a straight face when Dominic heckles ::g::. Very nice guy.

Robert Beltran was lovely, and so was Hallie Todd. Armin Shimmerman is such a nice man; I mean really lovely, he was a gentleman and a giggle and absolutely wonderful. Mercedes McNab is such a beautiful and friendly young woman, she was really nice even when the poor girl was so tired she could barely stand up. Alexis Cruz was lovely as usual (met him several times before). Terry Carter, Ed Wasser and Greg Evigan are also all very nice gentlemen and Ed's son is so cute.

And now ... onto the bit you actually might be interested in: the Potter boys. Soph was their PA all weekend and I have to say I haven't met such a nice group of teenagers in a long time; polite, cheerful, absolutely lovely. The twins are really very much alike, but I had them sussed: it was all in the hair. Soph said they were fabulous all weekend, and on Sunday she was PAing for Matt as well and he was lovely. Usually the PA is there to make sure the actors are happy and have everything they need, but Soph said it was so sweet, they kept asking her if it was alright if they did things ::g::. She said it was then that she realised she was old enough to be their teacher and felt suddenly aged ::g::. Poor Matt had the problem that some people just didn't recognise him because he looks so different from the first two movies, but Soph said they coped. I have this fabulous piccie of all three of them (there are advantages to sleeping with the photographer ::eg::) that they signed for me, which I shall scan this evening and post so you can see it. I do hope they do more of Bryan's events because I'd love to meet them all again, and I hope the fifth movie gets the go ahead because then they'll become much bigger stars, and they deserve it. I never realised that none of them had ever acted before HP.