April 23rd, 2004


Fidelius Press

This is just a little note about Fidelius Press, a specialist zine producer for Wizard fic zines - LOTR or HP. Their site gives info on what they're taking submissions for fic-wise at the moment so check that out if you're a writer, and they are also looking for artists to contribute to their zines, so I'm pimping their site and their search. They're planning on doing some anthologies etc, so there is wide scope. Artists interested should email niffler@fideliuspress.com.

New Community - you realy want to join!

Quake in fear all yea who read this, dacro and I have joined forces to create a community called hpvamp. This den of iniquity combines our love of HP with a shared kink about vampires. We have issued our first challenge in honour of saladbats' birthday for which we crave entries of art and fiction. We descovered that the three of us share a love of vampires and when you add Draco into the mix the potion blows up the cauldron and takes out most of the dungeons as well (this is all because dacro wrote about vampires with whips).

Please come and join us in our shared perversion.
The Vampire!Draco Challenge (there will be prizes)