April 22nd, 2004



First off dacro has posted chapter 19 of Amalgam. If you haven't read it yet, why not? It has H/D goodness, it has vampires, it had snarky!Snape, it has fiesty!Ginny, it has angst, it has hurt/comfort - just go and read it already.

Secondly, painless_j is looking for all fics with tatoos and peircings in them. The post which explains it all is here as well as the list of those already mentioned.

Thirdly, a yaoi/slash fandom survey by milady22 for her MA paper. It only takes a few minutes, so help out a fellow Ljer and give it a go :).

Fourthly, The HP Hydrosmut Challenge - wet, naked, dripping muses: what's not to like?