Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Weekend and stuff

Watched Final Fantasy VII - Advent's Children this weekend and I have to say it was good, but I did discover that it would have made a lot more sense had I played the game :). Went to Wikipedea and looked it up afterwards and it was much clearer with the rest of the plot. It made sense on it's own, but once you know the back story it had so much more depth, and it helps when watching if you're not continually asking yourself 'Who the hell is that?' ;) I did so love the three remnants of Sephiroth. I intend to watch it again with the Japanese dub and English subtitles at some point - Rob was too knackered to bother with reading subtitles when we watched it ::g::.

Picking up Soph's pussy cat from the vet at 5:30. Ythran was run over last week and had to have one of his back legs removed, but he's doing well and is coming home today to be spoilt rotten :). That cat has great timing, he had to be run over the week before Soph and my parents were due to go on hols, so Rob and I are having to look after him. Our two are so going to love having a strange cat in the house, but I suspect they will be perfectly happy when they find out they get roast chicken and prawns because of it. Ythran needs to keep his energy up so we have instructions to feed him anything he will eat which at the moment include the afore mentioned chicken and prawns. We knew Ythran was on the mend when we went to visit him yesterday and he tried to eat Rob's hand - they have always had an acrimonious relationship :). He's always very sweet and fluffy with me. Ythran might have lost the one brain cell he had though; he was not very bright to begin with, but we'll see.

Now on the the birthdays :)
Many Happy Returns to:
tm_nicholas and wenchravenna for today,
pombagira and tsukired for tomorrow,
hearts_n_roses, fayaslam and the fabulous dacro for the 28th,
heliopath, lerah99 and simmysim for the 29th and
the lovely moonlettuce for the 30th

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