Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Stress, birthdays and Sorting Hat

Sorry I didn't do this yesterday, just been a bit stressed out - Rob was offered a new job a while back and he'd handed in his resignation and everything and he was supposed to be changing at the beginning of Oct, but then on Friday the American big boss of his current company took him to lunch and basically told him they wanted him to stay and arranged a meeting with the UK managers for yesterday so Rob could tell them why he was leaving - as in being very candid. He was a little stressed over this and confused about what to do. Well it's all sorted now and Rob's not leaving and has a new job within the same company ... his dream job actually which is really good, so all is wonderful.

So to share the happiness :) Happy Birthday to:
bloodstaindnght for yesterday (sorry I missed it),
arrmaitee for tomorrow,
adela_nightmoon, amessis and jamie2109 for the 21st,
antichristangel and thelamefangirl for the 22nd,
mrsoze, x_queenc_x and shywild for the 23rd and
melleemo, ashice_roses and leilsylver for the 24th
I hope you all have wonderful days.

Also the voting at The Sorting Hat Awards is now open. I've been nominated in several categories - thank you again to whoever nominated me. I've gone and had a look at the other nominations and even if you're not interested in voting for anyone I reccommend using the links because there are some great fics nominated there that I hadn't see before. And dacro and thwax have been nominated too ;).
Tags: info: birthdays

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