Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Hmmm, it's Friday ...

...and I feel like I should make a post, but I have nothing sensible about which to talk so I shall just ramble :).

For those who have seen Moon Child, I had an email from a friend the other day with the subject "Sho" - I got all excited until it dawned on me that I was pretty sure this friend wouldn't have a clue about Japanese jrockers or their characters in movies. I was most disappointed when I opened it and found that it was something totally unrelated *pout*.

Rob's been away in Amsterdam for the last week, but he'd back now. Yay!

The tips of my fingers were turning blue this morning and I couldn't work out why ... then it dawned on me: new jeans. I hate to think what colour my legs are :). Whoever designed these was a moron as well - they claim to be the same size and length as my other pair, but they seem to have taken an inch and a half off the waist height and added it to the legs! They are constantly falling down at the top and sliding under the heel of my shoes at the bottom *growl*.

I did mention I was rambling didn't I?

Haven't had much chance to write since Rob's been away - I've been busy at work and I only turned my laptop on once while I was visiting my parents. That was to show Soph my powerpoint presentation for connotations where I intend to pimp Moon Child and Jrock RPS :). It was the only way to get all the pretty pictures in, honest.

Did I mention that I sorted out my memories section so that it has all my fic links in it, categorised vaguely sensibly? I use my profile to link all my fic, but from a comment from a reader I realised that some people automatically go for the memories to look for such things so I decided to play catch up :).
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