Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Okay ...

... so what do you do when your muses keep whispering "write plot, write plot" when they're supposed to be saying "write hot sex, write hot sex" ?

I have four fics at the moment that just need the sex finishing and all my brain wants to do it write plot. I spent an hour at lunch time staring at a page trying to write sex and it just wouldn't happen *pout*.

Aya is going to end up on his knees sucking off Yoji whether he likes it or not! Oh, and why can't Harry just get on and shag Draco senseless; that is afterall what Draco wants. The other week they were only too happy to leap on each other, all I could write was sex, but this week they're being annoying little whatsits! ... Maybe it's hormonal ...

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