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General mumblings :).

I've always thought that plagarism would take far more effort than just writing ... and that's my only comment on the matter.

Umm ... now what to fill this random post with.

Oh yes, don't you just hate it on Bittorrent when the two people seeding a file don't have it all? I'm downloading Rentrer en Soi's latest album so I can see if I like more than one song on it (since YesAsia don't have it in stock I'm going to have to work to get it so I want to make sure I actually want it), and two of us have been downloading for days and neither of us have the last 7% of the data. What is really annoying is that there is a little bit missing from every file but one *growl*.

I made myself feel better by ordering L'Arc-en-Ciel's Asia Live DVD and um ... possibly their calendar. What? Okay so I haven't been this obsessed with anything music wise since I was 15 and had a huge thing for A-ha, but I have no excuses. If Japan didn't make their pop stars so pretty and talented I wouldn't have a problem ... which reminds me I must get back to my Japanese lessons. I haven't had a chance to do any since last Tuesday because people keep interupting me when I first get into the office. I can count up the 19 now though - go me! ;)

Having a bit of trouble with the kana though, I'm still only on 5 symbols. I think I shall start practicing before I go to bed since I find that I remember things better when my subconscious has a chance to work on them as well.

The H/D humour fic is going well - hopefully I'll have it done by the end of the week (but don't hold your breath :)). The WK one is not; it's supposed to be funny since the premise is so rediculous, but Aya keeps trying to get serious on me, damn the man! :) Currently I have eight fics I'm playing with in various stages (this is not my whole WiP folder, just the ones I'm actually writing at this moment) and I need some inspiration to finish them. I have one J-rock RPF ready to go, but I don't want to post it until the third entry in the series is done which is waiting on the sex :). Come to think of it most of the fics I'm writing are waiting on the sex ::g::.
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