Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Good morning all :).

Had a lovely weekend although I didn't get everything done I wanted to do it was nice and restful :). Spent a good portion on Saturday tidying the house, I took the attic converstion and my beloved did the kitchen. I think I pulled the long straw for that one because it meant I could put on L'arc en Ciel's Awake tour DVD while I was tidying up. I did get a little mesmerised at one point, but Hyde in jackboots will do that to a person ::g::.

I also expanded my jrock horizons somewhat thanks to eliminate this weekend. Rentrer en Soi are most definitely on my list to check out; Protoplasm is such a great song and wow, does the lead singer have a fabulous voice.

Then there is Alice Nine who I really have to find out more about as well.
I still think Hyde's the prettiest though ;) and after watching the Awake DVD I'm even more in love with his voice.

I had the undeniable urge to draw this weekend as well, but I couldn't find my pens *pout*. I did a little, but not much and now I have to turn the study upside down to try and find all my stuff.

Now on to the birthdays :).
Many happy returns to:
leairan for today,
ravencloud for tomorrow,
darkprincedm for the 9th,
a_brighter_dawn for the 11th,
niceskitzo, emmagrant01 and icynow for the 12th and
batgirl52 for the 13th

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