Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Most odd last night.

I'm very fuzzy this morning (brainwise that is, I haven't suddenly grown fur ;)) because for some reason my body decided that 1am would be a great time to wake up. I then spent two hours reading some old note books and Saiyuki manga and from this I learnt one thing; reading Saiyuki in the middle of the night makes for really odd dreams. I also wish there was a decent bookshop where I work because I really need the next in the series now *pout*. If I still worked in Canterbury I could wander up to Waterstones or Ottakar's, but Faversham has one tiny bookshop that if I ask for manga will undoubtedly look at me as if I've grown another head. The only big shop in the whole place is Woolies.

I seem to be in the mood for humour writing at the moment - I have one H/D fic, one WK fic and one Jrock fic on the go at the moment (other than the large number of other WiPs) that are all humour. The H/D one is actually a humourous version of a serious fic I started writing that I really must get back to at some point as well - problem is it was only supposed to be a couple of thousand words long and it keeps growing (the humourous one that is).

On yet another different tack - Opera is working beautifully with LJ and I have all but abandonned Firefox, all I'm using that for is managing my mailinglist now because work are blocking the page on Yahoo! that allows me to set the cookie for adult lists. They're not blocking the lists, just the page that sets the cookie! I'm still getting the hang of the tabs though and keep using alt tab instead of clicking on the other tabs.

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