Beren (beren_writes) wrote,


Appologies for being absent without leave :). I've been madly trying to finish two fics for the connotations con zine, which I have just done ::g::. One Weiss Kreuz and one Moon Child (which Soph is beta reading for me this evening). Sorry, but they won't be posted here until next Feb when the zine life runs out, as it were.

Has anyone else found that Firefox has become virtually impossible to use with LJ? I've changed to Opera because I'm so fed up with it. Redomly if I user ' or / in a text box it decides I want to search the web page. Bloody annoying!

On to the birthdays. Many Happy Returns to:
tehlils for today,
damn_imasquib and sang_dencre for tomorrow,
erisedraine and justinssunshine for the 3rd,
winstonmom for the 4th,
michelle_3302 and nekoeyes for the 5th and
reseh for the 6th.
I hope you all have great birthdays.

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