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OKay, I've seen this meme do the rounds before, but I saw it on sparklinblossom's LJ and I thought I'd play for once :).

Post a list of up to 20 books/movies/anime/TV shows/video games/etc.that you've had an obsessive fannish love of at some time in your life. Have your friends list guess your favorite character/member from each item.

So here are mine in no particular order :)
Thank you to all who played, here are the answers ::g::.

01. Harry Potter - Harry, followed closely by Draco
02. Weiss Kreuz - Aya, followed very closely by Schuldig (and together they're even better ::g::)
03. Seaquest DSV - Tim O'Neil (geeks rule!)
04. Highlander - Richie (so much more interesting than DM)
05. Moon Child - Kei (Hyde) (he's the vampire with a tortured soul, what more can I say?)
06. Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series - Nathaniel (vulnerable, but a survivor ... hmm tortured soul again)
07. The Belgariad - Belgarion followed closely by Polgara (he spends most of the books clueless and then runs off to fight the big bad by himself once he does get a clue - what's not to love?)
08. Kindred: The Embraced - Frank Kohaneck (surprisingly he's not one of the vampires, but the fact that there are vampires really bothers/intrigues him)
09. Stargate SG-1 - Daniel (sorry, but what can I say - I love geeks, which is probably why I'm not so fond of him anymore ::g::).
10. Startgate Atlantis - Sheppard (okay and following the geek comment I go for the military man - ah well, I'm allowed to be fickle ::g::)
11. X-files - Mulder (geek)
12. Mutant X - Jesse (computer geek with a lovely bod - what I want to know is why everytime Adam had to examine Brennan, Brennan was half naked, but whenever he had to examine Jesse, Jesse still had his clothes on; so not fair!)
13. Lord of the Rings - Boromir (he didn't die, it was all a nasty trick, honest)
14. Star Trek: Next Gen - Riker (no excuses ::g::)
15. Virus Buster Serge - Serge (he's a man with a tortured soul - of course I'd go for him)
16. Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors - Jayce (he was the prettiest)
17. Forever Knight - Nick (Rick Springfield's fault)
18. Poltergeist: The Legacy - Philip (he's a priest who needs to get laid, can everyone say tortured soul?)
19. The New Professionals - Sam (um ... I have no idea why I went for Sam over Chris, but since I prefered them paired together it's not much of a stretch ::g::)
20. Bones - Zack (uber geek)

[Edit: I forgot to screen commments, but I have done so now - I'll put the real answers up tomorrow :)]

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