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Fic: Dragon's Teeth, Jrock RPS, NC17/18, Part 2of2

Title: Dragon's Teeth (Part 2 of 2)
Series: Dragon Saga 01
Link: To the rest of the Dragon Saga
Author: Beren
Fandom: Jrock
Pairing: Gackt/Hyde, Hyde/OMC, Hyde/Megumi
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: see Part 1
Warnings: non-con (not Gackt/Hyde), vampires
Summary: While filming Moon Child Hyde finds out that not everything the papers say about Gackt is hype and his life changes far more than just adding acting to his repertoire.
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Gackt paced around the filming site snapping at anyone who came within arm's reach. Hyde was over an hour late and he'd sent someone back to the hotel to find the smaller singer twenty minutes previously. Hyde was not usually late and he knew that they only had this location for one night so Gackt was more than a little annoyed. When his phone went off he snapped it open viciously and put it to his ear.

"Yes?" he asked shortly.

"No one had seen Hyde-san at the hotel," the voice on the other end told him, "and he is not in his room, Gackt-san. Reception say that he called down for a taxi, but that he never appeared to take it."

Gackt's annoyance immediately switched to worry since it was very much not like Hyde to play disappearing games. There were some musicians that he knew who were known to be temperamental and might have just wandered off for the hell of it, but Hyde was very serious about projects that he chose to do and vanishing was not on the agenda.

"Stay there," Gackt said as he decided what to do; "if Hyde shows up then call me, I'm coming back as well."

He spent the next fifteen minutes making his way back to the hotel and he felt it the moment he stepped into the corridor near Hyde's room; the residue of vampire power and a lot of it. It took him another second to track down where he had felt it before and he went cold all over; he knew without a doubt that Lee Seung-Jin had been at his current location.

With cold certainty that this was going to be ugly he opened his phone and dialled Sato's number. The pit of fear in his stomach that he was feeling for Hyde's safety made him want to lash out and destroy something and he barely kept himself in check.

"Sato," the voice on the other end answered.

"Sato-san," Gackt said, not bothering with pleasantries, "it is Gackt. Lee has taken Hyde."

There was silence from the other end of the line for a moment; Sato had clearly not expected his statement.

"Are you sure?" was the reasonable question, at least Gackt logical mind told him it was reasonable; his instincts wanted to shout and scream.

"Hyde is missing, Lee has been at the hotel," Gackt was not about to pussyfoot around, "I want Lee found and what is mine returned."

"We will handle this, Gackt-san," Sato said without a moment's hesitation, "do not worry yourself."

Gackt almost laughed.

"No you will not," he said in a tone that begged no argument, "I will handle this once you find Lee. If one hair on Hyde's head has been hurt I will have Lee's blood."

There was an awkward silence from the other end of the line.

"We are civilised beings, Gackt-san," Sato said eventually, clearly trying to placate him, "it must be seen that we do not take barbaric revenge. Lee is a diplomat from his clan however uncivilised he may be and any dispute will be brought before the High Serpent. If you wish to bring to bare the strength of your own clan then I suggest you contact them now. We would be happy to house any representative of the High Dragon to see this matter resolved."

"I am the High Dragon," Gackt almost snarled down the phone.

There was silence again, but Gackt could hear people moving and there was at least one whispered conversation going on that he could not hear.

"Our people are at your disposal, Gackt-san," Sato said as soon as the vampire came back on the line, "we will send a car to pick you up in fifteen minutes if you are agreeable."

"That will be fine, thank you, Sato-san," Gackt replied and gave a polite goodbye before closing the phone.

He did not like having his real identity connected to his pop career, but this was an emergency, and rank had its privileges. If this is what it took to find Hyde, so be it and he stalked towards the lobby at least happy with the local's reaction to him.


It was not really a matter of waking up, but rather slipping from one reality into another that made about as much sense as Hyde blearily opened his eyes and tried to figure out what was going on. His mind was full of cotton wool and there was something wrong about the current situation that he could not quite remember. Part of his mind was perfectly content exactly where he was; he felt as if he was supposed to be here, but there was a small voice at the back of his mind that knew something was wrong.

"Welcome back," said a very familiar voice, drawing his attention to a familiar face, "I thought you might sleep forever."

He blinked, not quite taking in what was going on as Gackt smiled down at him; a very naked Gackt. An idea sparked in his head causing alarm, but it was gone as fast as it had appeared and he just lay there staring at Gackt in what he knew had to be a stupid manner. His mind was so slow that it was only as he saw that Gackt was naked that he noticed any clothes he might have had had been removed too.

He watched, somewhere between aroused and fascinated as Gackt ran hands up his legs and he moaned, unable to stop the physical reaction to the sensation. He felt drunk and for a while he knew nothing except the physical feelings running through his body. He reacted and moved and simply experienced what was happening to him rather than thinking at all and he felt more desire by the moment. Most of him wanted every touch; he liked what he was experiencing, but something niggled at the back of his mind.

"That's it, My Little Angel," Gackt said in a seductive whisper, "show me what you like."

There were lips on his neck and hands all over his body and it felt wonderful and yet as Gackt moved further down his torso, kissing along his breast bone, the feeling of wrongness increased. He placed his hands on Gackt's shoulders trying to push his friend away, but Gackt just continued going.

"Now none of that," Gackt said, smiling up at him, "you'll like this."

Hyde was fighting with himself now as Gackt moved that little bit lower and that sinful mouth fastened over his aching cock and it felt delicious, but it was not right. He tried to push Gackt away again, but his friend just sucked harder and he collapsed back on the bed as his muscles reacted and he momentarily lost comprehensive motor control. Something inside him knew that this was wrong.

"Stop," he whispered, his voice tentative but there.

"Oh, I don't think so," Gackt said, lifting his head and grinning like a cat that had the cream, "you're mine, My Little Angel, and I intend to have you."

Hyde felt the first stirrings of fear and he tried to move away, but Gackt was holding his hips firmly, only Gackt would never do this, Hyde knew that with every fibre of his being and he knew there was something he did not remember. As he looked into the dark eyes watching him he felt the panic rising before his mind began to fog again and then there was a talented tongue working on the head of his cock and all thought fled.

He was being urged onto his front by the time he could even put a thought together again. When he felt something probing his arse he felt the panic rising again. This should not be happening, he did not want this and he tried to pull away, but he was held firm. Something slick and thin was pushed into his arse and he whimpered and tried to get away.

"Just relax, Little Angel," Gackt's voice said, but it could not be Gackt; his friend would never do this to him.

His mind began to fight harder than his body could and he pushed at the fog clouding his thoughts. Not Gackt, deep down inside he knew that it could not be Gackt and he fought, fought to remember, to find something that made sense even as he was violated against his will. He was held in place as he writhed on the intrusion in his arse and he knew he was helpless. The person touching him, taking from him, was bigger than he was and stronger, but he could destroy the game being played.

He struggled with everything in him to clear the fog in his mind and then one image flashed into his mind; he remembered a smile, a smile that had frightened him and then he knew.

"Lee," he choked out even as his body was covered by another.

"Oh, such a shame," the voice was no longer Gackt's and Hyde sobbed as the fog began to fall away, "you ruined my little game, but never mind I shall have you anyway."

And then he was screaming as Lee forced into him, and it hurt and it was wrong and he couldn't get away.

"Such a pretty, effeminate thing," Lee whispered in his ear as the vampire pulled out and pushed back in again, "and you will be mine."

He clawed at the silk sheets, but there was nothing he could do except let himself be taken. He was trapped and he let his body relax because it hurt more to resist and Lee used him as if he was nothing more than a toy. He could not even stop it when he was pulled from the mattress and Lee held him close and he knew what was coming next. When fangs entered his neck he felt the pain and he welcomed the power that flooded him and took away his mind again. It was not like Gackt's power, it did not intoxicate him and make his head spin with wonder; it forced his thoughts down and ravaged him with energy, but it was better than knowing.

Dimly he was aware that Lee was not stopping and he knew he was dying and if it meant an end to the pain and humiliation he welcomed it. He felt Lee shuddering and somewhere in a corner of his mind he knew that the vampire was in ecstasy, but he didn't care anymore. Only when something wet was pressed against his mouth did the spark of defiance return and he tried to turn his head away, but his jaw was forced open and the liquid hit the back of his throat.

"Drink, Little Angel," Lee said, a laugh in his voice as Hyde struggled, "you can't die on me now."

Suddenly he was overwhelmed by the knowledge of sadistic pleasure and heartless gratification and it was that which broke his mind, that which caused anything he had left to withdraw; the fact that this was not over.


He had known there had been something wrong about Lee the moment Gackt had laid eyes on him, but the other vampire had been a guest of the Serpent clan so he had ignored his instincts. He should have known better. Korea was one of the few places in the world where the hunting and killing of humans was not outlawed by the vampire ruling body. Over a millennium and a half ago a warlord leader had risen among the vampires and his legacy was a far less civilised society than most other places in the world. Strength was everything in Korean vampire society and keeping humans and weaker vampires as slaves was common.

Gackt had hoped that Lee's presence in Taiwan was a signal that at last the Korean's intended joining the majority of the rest of the vampire world in the twenty first century. Breaking the laws of his hosts' was an almost insane thing to do and Gackt could only assume that Lee believed his diplomatic status would save him.

It had taken the law givers more than two hours to track down where they believed Lee was hiding and Gackt was praying that Hyde was till alive. He could only imagine what Lee had planned for his friend and he was out of the car before it stopped completely as they pulled up outside the old house. He dimly heard someone calling to him as he ran across the road up through the front door without stopping to bother to open it, but he cared about only one thing and that was Hyde.

The moment he entered the building he could smell blood and it was an all too familiar scent that came with it; Hyde was here and he was hurt. The smell of sex hit him hard as he ran for the stairs, but he did not slow down and the door behind which he knew he would find Hyde almost slammed off its hinges as he charged it.

Other vampires had followed him into the house and he felt them enter the room behind him, but he could see nothing except what was in front of him. Hyde was sprawled naked on a low bed among silken cushions. The small singer's skin was ghostly pale and the bite mark on Hyde's neck was obvious as were the semen stains on the sheets, but what had Gackt's complete attention was the blood on Hyde's lips.

It made him feel ill as he took in the signs of struggle and he realised he was too late to save Hyde. He had no doubt that his friend had been raped and then forcibly turned; he'd seen it before and dealt with the perpetrators then as well and a fiery anger began to curl around his belly. When Hyde whimpered quietly as if dreaming he almost snapped and lost all composure.

"He was worth all the effort," Lee said, from where he was lounging on the bed not more than half a metre away from Hyde, seemingly without a care in the world; "there's fire in this one and I've made it mine."

Gackt growled as rage lanced through every fibre of his being and then he moved before he even thought about it. He grabbed Lee by the hair and literally threw the other vampire across the room. That animal had no right to be anywhere near Hyde, and he felt such guilt and pain as he slowly sank to his knees next to his friend. He could fix this; he had to.


He could not move; his body and mind seemed to be still and he could not force them into motion. He could feel hands touching him and arms holding him, but it meant very little to him as his mind seemed to exist at each moment in time without past of future. There was the taste of blood in his mouth and it consumed him, taking all his awareness from anything else in his reality.

Suddenly he felt something else as different hands connected to him, shattering his catatonia in one terrifying touch and he screamed as fear and knowledge swamped him with painful clarity. His little bubble of nothing was broken and he was thrown back into the hell of reality that he did not want to face. He would have tried to escape the arms holding him, but there was no strength left in his body with which to fight and he was helpless.

"Hyde-kun," a gentle voice called to him and it was a voice he had been praying for, but he did not believe Gackt had really come for him.

Lee had played with his mind too much for him to just accept that voice.

"I've got you, Hyde-kun," the image of Gackt said as Hyde stared upwards, not really seeing.

"He's mine now, Gackt," Lee's voice made him tremble, but it also brought him the faintest glimmer of hope as he realised this might not be another trick; "that is my blood on his lips and he is already turning. Nothing you can do will change that."

Hyde felt cold all over even as he sensed the fires in his blood and with the last of his strength he grasped at Gackt in desperation. What he had heard could not be true and he whimpered in his need.

"Ssh, Hyde-kun," Gackt said, stroking his face gently as if he was nothing more than a child, "I will save you."

And looking into his friend's eyes, Hyde believed and even as Gackt began to lower him onto the silk sheet and cushions that had been his prison he did not panic. He fixed his eyes on Gackt and he put all his faith in his friend as Gackt moved back and slowly stood.

"You have desecrated what is mine," Gackt said, voice icy and dangerously low, "I demand retribution and I invoke the right of challenge."

There were gasps from around the room, but Hyde kept his eyes only on Gackt.

"You are far from home, Little Dragon," Lee said, voice disparaging, "by the time this dispute is arbitrated the Little Angel will be mine anyway or he will be dead; withdraw so I don't have to bother to kill you."

The smile on Gackt's face would have filled most hearts with fear, but it filled Hyde with hope.

"You are mistaken, foolish barbarian," Gackt's voice was tinged with power and even as his friend spoke, Hyde watched Gackt begin to change, "I am High Dragon of Kyoto and I will see you dead."

Gackt's eyes paled to glowing gold, the pupils becoming vertical and slit like and the vampire's skin paled to complete white as his hair changed to black, growing and shaking free the extensions at the back until Gackt had a mane of waist length glossy hair that moved as if it had a mind of its own. Now Gackt looked every inch the supernatural creature that he claimed to be and Hyde found his mind completely captivated as Gackt snarled at his enemy.

With long talon-tipped fingers, Gackt took hold of his shirt and calmly split it in two, revealing the most magnificent, iridescent dragon tattoo all over his upper body and at that moment Hyde had no doubt that Gackt was the leader of his clan. Power radiated off his friend in waves that held him completely spell bound and he could barely remember to breathe.

As Gackt held out his hand, someone placed a sword in his palm and there was the sound of metal singing in the air as Gackt cut an arc in front of him.

"Put some clothes on, barbarian," Gackt said, baring his fangs in a snarl of challenge, "and come and meet your end."

"I didn't know," Lee's voice was desperate and Hyde felt just a moment of satisfaction, but his focus was completely on Gackt.

"Too late, despoiler," Gackt's voice was icy and his expression held no mercy, "you have tried to take what is mine and now I will take your blood to reclaim him. Vermin like you must be destroyed."

"You have no authority here," Lee sounded like he was terrified.

"We recognise the authority of the High Dragon," Hyde thought it was Sato's voice, but he was far too far gone to remember properly.

There was silence for a moment and for just a second Hyde felt terror, but not his own, and he pushed it away ruthlessly.

"Will you die on your knees," Gackt asked, holding the sword out straight, "or will you at least die as a warrior?"

"I will kill you and send your head back to your civilised clan," Lee hissed, desperation replaced by fury, "and then I shall use your little whore to my heart's content."

Gackt did not even so much as twitch at that statement, he just stood perfectly still as Hyde watched him. The sound of material moving and another blade being drawn tried to tempt Hyde's eyes away from Gackt in curiosity, but he kept his gaze rooted on his saviour. There was no doubt in his mind that Gackt would carry through on his threat against Lee and he just waited.

When Gackt finally moved it was the most graceful thing Hyde had ever seen and Lee's first attack was forced away with almost effortless ease. The clang of metal on metal rang in his ears as he watched Lee move forward and Gackt side step and then it became a sort of dance. His mind was not fast enough to follow every move as vampire fought vampire, but the sound of the blades was almost like music.

It wasn't until Gackt drew first blood that it became real in his mind, but as the scent hit him and something alien inside him stirred, Hyde knew that this was reality. This was not a movie where all the red was just cleverly placed blood packs; this was real life and as Gackt took a second slice out of Lee, Hyde felt it all too clearly. All at once it terrified him as everything that had happened that night tried to come back to him at the same time. His eyes followed the battle before him, but he cringed away and, even as Gackt threw his sword aside and almost insultingly slowly stepped towards Lee, catching the other vampire's sword arm in one hand and snapping it in a ridiculously casual manner, he dreaded what was about to happen.

When Gackt brought Lee towards himself and savagely bit at the other vampire's neck, Hyde wanted to scream, but the sound seemed lodged in his throat. This was too much; it was too horrific for his shattered mind and he closed his eyes, begging everything to go away.

There was the smell of blood everywhere and Hyde curled in on himself, trying to block it out. It hurt as his senses were overwhelmed and he wanted to return to his protective bubble where nothing mattered, but Gackt's presence would not let him. He could feel Gackt's power so clearly and it held him even though he could no longer see his friend. When hands touched him again and an arm snaked under him he could not stop a mew of fear and pain.

"I have you, Hyde-kun," Gackt's voice was quiet and gentle, but Hyde was far too traumatised to be soothed, "no one will hurt you now. You must drink and then I will take you somewhere safe."

Hyde remembered another voice telling him to drink and he whimpered as terror rose up again, but he could not escape as something warm and wet was forced against his mouth. He tasted blood and was repelled, but something in him already craved it and he drank despite himself as the liquid dripped into his throat. It burned all the way down and he knew the moment it hit his system for real because it was like an inferno sparking inside him. He screamed writhing in the arms that held him as the blood seemed to attack him.

"I'm sorry," Gackt's voice spoke to him through the tumult, giving him the smallest of lifelines to hang on to, "it will be over soon. You will be free of Lee's corruption."

The purifying fire tried to take away his mind, but Gackt held him in reality until finally it began to fade. He sagged in the embrace of his vampire friend and finally he was allowed to slip away. No enchantment held him in consciousness any longer and it was empty blackness that welcomed him rather than some construct of his mind. With the smallest sigh, he passed into unconsciousness.


Nothing made much sense when Hyde slowly opened his eyes and about all he really knew was that he was warm and comfortable, but incredibly hungry. He tried to move, but he felt as weak as a kitten and all he managed was a small shift within his warm cocoon. When an arm snaked under his body and began lifting him he had no choice but to comply and he could barely keep his head from flopping completely forward as he was pulled against a warm chest.

A gentle hand stroked his back and cupped the back of his neck, guiding his face towards the crook of the owner's neck. It was then that he smelt the most delicious smell and all his senses homed in on the source. His gums began to ache and the hunger reached up to almost blast away all reason. It was as if his body was one step ahead of his mind as his mouth clamped on to the bloody scratch in the otherwise perfect flesh under his nose and he bit down without thinking.

The arms holding him stiffened for a moment and then relaxed again, holding him firmly but gently as he suckled at the wound he had caused like a new born babe, and like a baby he took his fill and then allowed sleep to take him back with its soft darkness.


Voices pulled him back from deep slumber the next time he woke, but he was so tired he could barely make sense of them.

"Will ... well again?"

"... vampire ... still Hyde-kun."

"... sleeping ... wake up?"

One of the voices was male, the other female and he recognised both. Each gave him a different warm feeling that he did not want to lose and he tried to hang on to consciousness for as long as he could.

"He's awake now," the male voice was clearer now, but his mind was not working in specifics, only abstracts, and he could not quite grasp who was speaking, "but he's delirious. He'll come back to us when he's ready."

Small hands took hold of his face and he looked up into a woman's features he knew he should recognise, but his mind would not produce anything out of the fog of his memories.

"My poor darling," the woman said, leaning down and kissing him gently on the forehead.

He was not hungry and his strength was minimal so he could not keep his eyes open for long and he found himself slipping back into sleep, but he felt far more peaceful as he let go this time.


Hands were touching him, violating him and he was helpless. He wanted to get away, but he did not have the strength and all he could do was endure. No matter how hard he tried, he could not free himself and he knew what was coming; knew that he could not escape it and, as he was taken by man and vampire both, he screamed.

He was flung from the nightmare into reality and almost panicked as he found himself held by strong arms that refused to move. He tried to struggle, but he was held firm and he was terrified as the dream overlaid on reality.

"Ssh, you're safe," a gentle voice whispered in his ear, "no one is going to hurt you."

Hands gently stroked through his hair as the words finally made sense in his brain and he sagged back against the person holding him as he sobbed out his distress. He felt so ashamed and so violated at the same time and he did not know what hurt more, so much so that he could not fight free of the well of despair he felt to notice anything else. It was only when he felt a slender body lean into him from in front that he realised there were two people with him.

His mind had just about grasped that Gackt was holding him from behind, cushioned on his chest and it took him a long time to gather the courage to open his eyes and accept who the other person was. Only as his second companion pulled away a little did he manage to convince himself to confirm what he both dreaded and wanted more desperately than he could ever explain. He blinked away the tears to bring into focus the person looking at him with concern and love and it almost made his heart break.

"Megumi," he whispered and then lost any control he had left.

The arms from behind released him into his wife's embrace and he clung to her as if his life depended on it, and quite possibly his sanity did. Megumi spoke to him and held him and rocked him as he cried away all the hurt and pain.

It was a long time before Hyde let himself think again as he drifted in Megumi's arms, but eventually he could not fight reality any more. The first question that floated into his mind was so absurd that he voiced it before he really considered it.

"Why are we all in bed together?" he asked, well aware that Gackt was still touching him from behind even as he sheltered in Megumi's embrace.

After the horror of his dream he had expected to find Gackt's proximity threatening, but he found himself feeling strangely safe now that he knew who he was with. Both Megumi and Gackt were wearing clothes, as was he if a pair of pyjama bottoms counted, but it was still odd to be in bed with both of them.

"You were having fever dreams," Gackt's voice was calm and gentle, "and the only way to soothe you has been to hold you and you seemed to need both of us."

"How long?" he asked quietly, needing to know how much time he had lost even if it brought with it frightening memories.

"It has been three days since the night Lee took you," Gackt replied in a matter of fact tone for which Hyde was grateful; he did not think he would have been able to handle Gackt's true feelings about the other vampire at the moment, "and Megumi has been here for two."

"I came as soon as Gatchan called me," Megumi said, still holding him tight.

It was clear she wanted to say more, but was holding back for his sake and Hyde remained still in her arms. Horrible images lurked in the dark corners of his mind and he did not want to stumble on them if he let his thoughts go. He could feel Gackt behind him, really feel his friend as the power of the vampire called to him and he wasn't sure how to react. It was an unavoidable truth; he was a vampire now, he could feel it, an immortal like Gackt and it was a difficult concept to come to terms with.

Finally he gathered enough courage to pull back a little and he looked up at the beautiful face of his wife. Megumi had tears in her eyes, but she gave him a small smile.

"I love you," she said simply and clearly as if she could read his mind and those three words explained everything.

In that moment he thought his heart might burst and he lowered his head again, needing the comfort of her closeness as she held him.


Hyde managed to stop himself scrubbing at his skin as if he could remove it after half an hour in the shower, but his body was still pink and blotchy where he had tried. Nothing could wash the feeling of those hands from his flesh and he could only pray that one day he would be able to forget. He had not spoken much since he had woken and Megumi had been reluctant to let him out of her sight, but Gackt had convinced her to let him come into the bathroom alone.

He felt like he had aged a lifetime in a few days, which was rather funny considering he would never age again, and he could barely bring himself to look at his reflection in the mirror. What gazed back looked like Hyde, even still moved like Hyde since he did not seem to possess the effortless grace that Gackt had, but he did not feel like himself. It was like he was living in a stranger's skin and he didn't know how to deal with that.

Wrapping himself in the huge fluffy robe on the back of the door, he knew he had to go back into the other room where Gackt and Megumi were waiting, but he wasn't sure if he could. They were giving him space, but he did not think his period of grace would last much longer and he suspected it would be Megumi that came looking for him. He did not want her to have to put him back together again, because his wife was strong, but she was not invincible and eventually his pain would break her too and he could never allow that. He had to get through this for her if nothing else and, pulling the collar of the robe up so that he was almost hiding in it, he stepped up to the door.

The moment he exited the bathroom Megumi stood up from where she was sitting demurely on the now made bed and walked towards him. She took his hand and gave him a small supportive smile, leading him over to one of the two chairs in the room and urging him to sit down. He sank into the relatively large chair and before he realised what he was doing he had pulled his legs up so that they were almost a shield. It occurred to him that this was probably not the best signal to be giving out, but, once he was in the strangely comforting position, he could not seem to make himself give it up.

"How do you feel," Gackt asked from where his friend was standing in the corner, "physically," Gackt clarified, for which Hyde was inordinately grateful; the last thing he wanted to do was try and talk about his feelings.

"Tired," he admitted, since he did think he could sleep for quite a long time, "and I think I'm hungry."

It was a strange feeling, not quite what he had come to expect from hunger, but never the less, almost the same.

"Not really surprising; your body is using a great deal of energy changing your metabolism," Gackt said, and Hyde tried not to react to the outside confirmation of what he now was.

It was one thing to know, but it was another for Gackt to say it so plainly and Hyde did his best to remain calm.

"The conversion normally takes a few days," Gackt continued to speak as if everything was perfectly normal, "but, because of the complications, yours is taking a little longer. Another day and you should be feeling more active again."

The last thing Hyde wanted to talk about was the complication whose name he refused to even think, so he desperately tried to make sure it was not mentioned.

"Any trouble from revealing your status?" he asked, doing his best to think about anything but swords and blood and screams and ... he stopped his thoughts before they could run away with him.

"None," Gackt replied as if it didn't matter anyway; "I have spoken to their clan head once and she was very sympathetic to my position. No one from the Serpent Clan will reveal my identity to the wider vampire population."

"That's good," Hyde said, but he was perilously close to thinking about what he really didn't want to be thinking about.

Needing a distraction, any distraction, he stood up rapidly and walked to the window at which point his body objected. He felt momentarily weak and his stomach stabbed with pain making him wince and bend over slightly.

"You need to feed," Gackt said and his voice was much closer than Hyde remembered it.

He turned to find that his friend was only a few feet away now. He knew without having to ask that Gackt was talking about blood and that idea filled him with dread.

"Can't I just have some food?" he asked, hoping that he didn't sound like a petulant child.

Gackt gave him a small smile, obviously he did sound like a big baby.

"You will not be able to eat food for a while yet," his friend told him calmly, "not until your body has adjusted at least a little further. Until then you require blood."

"Where from," Hyde so did not wish to talk about this, but he was not a fool and he could not ignore what Gackt was telling him.

"Me," Gackt replied.

Hyde felt cold and anxiety filled him, as the thought of having to bite his friend brought up all sorts of connotations.

"It will be at least a month before you can feed from anyone else," Gackt said calmly, obviously being as gentle as he knew how. "Your body is still adjusting and until all the changes are complete you will have to feed from me at least once every two days."

Hyde wasn't sure if he could, not now that he knew what he was doing. He remembered all too clearly what had happened when Gackt had fed from him and the mutual attraction was still there, worryingly stronger thanks to the bond they now shared in fact, and the ramifications of this frightened Hyde more than a little. He was not sure he could handle anything sexual at the moment, let alone something that intense, especially not with Megumi there.

He did not realise he was moving until his back hit the wall and it shocked him from his own little world back into reality. His gums were throbbing, which told him his body wanted to feed even if his mind didn't, and he slowly slid down the wall, putting his head on his knees and wishing that this was happening to someone else.

In under a month he had gone from blissfully unaware mortal to vampire child of the High Dragon of Kyoto, which had enough baggage as it was, but no he had to have been kidnapped and raped as well. He wondered briefly if he gave up would it all just end, but, even as he considered it, he knew he could not do that to Megumi or to Gackt. If nothing else he could live for them.

"Hyde-kun," Gackt gently touched his arm and his slowly looked up, "I'm sorry, but you must feed. If you leave it, you will lose all control."

Hyde was vaguely aware of the tears that were running down his face again, but it was almost as if it was someone else who was crying. He inclined his head slightly, acknowledging that he knew Gackt was right, but he could not bring himself to move. Only as Gackt slowly urged him to his feet did he begin to uncurl and he allowed himself to be pulled to a standing position.

His eyes flicked over Megumi, who was watching him with worry in her features, and he felt guilt as well as fear. He did not know how much she knew, how much Gackt had told her, and he did not know how to explain this to her. What would she think if she knew the truth? The last thing he wanted to do was cause her pain.

"Gatchan," Megumi said quietly as Hyde tried to quell the panic in his heart, "please would you leave us alone for a moment."

Gackt looked surprised and momentarily unsure, but as blue eyes flicked between him and Megumi, Hyde saw realisation dawn. Without further comment, Gackt nodded and quickly walked to the door. As soon as Gackt was gone Megumi walked towards him and reached out and took his hand, leading him towards the bed and pulling him down so they were sitting side by side.

"I know everything," she said quietly, stroking his hand with a constant rhythm, "Gackt explained what happened between you that started all this. I don't blame you, my love; he is a difficult man not to be attracted to. I know you would never have acted on it, I trust you, and I know you are likely to react if you have to feed. You do not have to be ashamed; I know it will be hard enough for you anyway. I will not stop loving you because of things you cannot control."

Hyde wiped his face on the sleeve of his robe and could not help wondering what he had done to deserve such a wonderful wife. He was a vampire and yet she still loved him; he was uncontrollably attracted to the vampire who had made him and yet she still loved him; he did not understand how Megumi could forgive him these things. When he had come away it had just been to make a film and so much had happened that he felt like he was living in a different world, but still Megumi was there for him.

"I gave you my heart," she said, wiping the last of his tears off his cheeks, "I love you, my darling; all I ask is that you do not stop loving me."

Not knowing what else to do he reached out to her, pulling her close, as she wound her arms around him as well and they remained like that, totally still for a long time. Only when Hyde felt his teeth begin to ache again did he finally move away. He could see a great strength in Megumi's eyes and he took courage in that, glancing at the door; it was time to start living again.

Very slowly he stood up, releasing Megumi's hand only reluctantly and then he made his way to the door. He opened it, knowing Gackt would hear it and then he walked back the way he had come; he could not bring himself to call to his friend, but he was sure Gackt would return anyway.

He felt Gackt come up behind him rather than heard his maker and he turned slowly to find Gackt giving him a small smile.

"You are one of the bravest men I know," Gackt told him and reached out to rest a hand on his shoulder. "You have faced the worst; this is nothing in comparison."

Hyde gave a derisive laugh.

"It doesn't feel like it," he replied, trying to bring his heart rate under control from where it was thumping like the whole percussion section of an orchestra.

"That's because you over dramatise everything," Gackt told him and Hyde appreciated the effort to lighten the situation.

"I think that's you," Hyde replied in kind.

Gackt tilted his head in acknowledgement as Hyde did his best not to let his nervousness get the better of him. He could feel his need for blood and he felt the craving begin to overpower his anxiety as he deliberately reached for it. His eyes flicked to the pulse he could see beating in Gackt's neck and he felt his gums begin to ache before his fangs began to move downwards. It was the strangest sensation now that he was completely aware of it and he let himself concentrate on it rather than worrying about what was to happen next.

Every smell in the room was clear to him now that his vampire was in the open and part of his mind even wondered what he looked like, but most of his focus was on the delicious scent directly in front of him. There was something about Gackt that sung in his senses and he leant forward before he really thought about it. He had to rise on his toes to reach properly, but Gackt helped by pulling him close and gently cradling his head as he dimly remembered his maker doing when he had been barely able to move.

He opened his mouth on instinct and bit down as soon as he was in reach and he could not help the moan of pleasure as the most wonderful flavour burst into his mouth. The rest of his body began to respond almost instantly and the little groan from Gackt sent shivers of excitement through him as well as the vampire power that circled through his body. For a moment he felt pleasure that was not his own and it was wonderful, but it frightened him and he forced it away, instead concentrating on his own experiences.

Drinking deeply, he rested his hands against Gackt's chest, feeling the life pumping through it under his fingers as he drew the source into his mouth. It was the most incredible feeling and he let himself become lost in it as he took in the essence of Gackt. It was heady and incredibly intoxicating and it was not long before he felt himself about to go over the edge and, with every ounce of will he had left, he pulled back. The wound was still bleeding slowly and he could not take his eyes off it as it gradually began to close.

It was quite an amazing sight and he kept his attention for a good few seconds until his eyes just happened to descend towards the floor and he couldn't help seeing that Gackt trousers were looking rather tight. Hyde could not help blushing as he realised that he had had the same effect on his friend as Gackt had had on him and he stepped back quickly trying to regain his composure.

He was surprised that he felt no revulsion at the thought of anything sexual; he was not comfortable, but he was not repelled either. That idea, however, brought him back to the ones he was trying to avoid and that was very quick at destroying any arousal he had felt. He nodded his thanks to Gackt and then headed for the bed where he sat down, curled into a protective ball and used one of the pillows as shelter. His world seemed to be an up and down rollercoaster at the moment, but he did his best to appear calm when Megumi sat down next to him. He prayed silently that everything would become easier as time passed.


He had been a vampire for five days and fourteen hours as Hyde sat looking out the window at the lit up city; it seemed so much more vibrant now in the dark. The new lenses Gackt had given him that afternoon meant that he had no trouble with daylight anymore, but he was still getting used to them and he preferred being without. He had tried to eat real food for the first time since his conversion earlier as well and he had only managed some soup with a few light noodles, but it had given him a sense of normality he had been missing. Gackt had promised him that his appetite would return much faster than his dependency on Gackt's blood would reduce and he was looking forward to a proper meal.

Megumi had gone out with some of the female members of the crew at his insistence since she had been by his side for days without a break. He was almost ready to face the world outside Gackt's hotel room, but he wasn't quite there yet. Gackt himself had never been far away and was sitting at his desk now writing furiously in a journal.

Curious and feeling a need to be closer for a while, Hyde stood up and wandered over.

"Writing?" he asked, hoping that he wasn't prying.

"No," Gackt replied, looking up from what he was doing, "just trying to decide how best to close down the shoot. This is the first chance I've had to deal with it. We have a lot of footage now and I think if we close down we might be able to finish at a later date."

"No," Hyde said, surprising even himself with his vehemence, "don't close it down. We should finish the film."

Gackt looked surprised and then grateful, but reserved.

"Thank you, Hyde-kun," he said with a smile, "but we should get you home. The film can wait."

It was clear that Gackt thought he had objected out of some sense of loyalty, but that was only half it and, as his friend went back to writing in his journal, Hyde reached out and put his hand on Gackt's shoulder.

"I think I need to finish the film with you," he said sincerely; knowing that he had to be very clear; "I don't think I can go home without doing what we came here to do."

Gackt looked at him steadily then, eyes boring into his soul, and he held his friend's gaze.

"Are you sure you can do this?" Gackt asked very seriously.

Hyde did not reply immediately and gave the question the thought it deserved, but then he nodded.

"I have to," he replied and then it was Gackt who nodded.

"We have to start filming again tomorrow to make the schedule," the older vampire said simply.

That sent a shot of fear through Hyde, but he swallowed it quickly; he had no choice, it was this or spend the rest of his life afraid.

"Just tell me where and when," he said with all the courage he could muster.

Gackt smiled at him then and there was a proud look in his maker's eyes. It comforted him in a way he had never expected it to.

The End
Tags: category: het, category: slash, ch_story: dragon's teeth, fictype: 10-30kwds, fictype: chaptered, genre: vampires, pairing: jr - gackt/hyde, pairing: jr - hyde/megumi, pairing: jr - hyde/omc, person: gackt, person: hyde, rating: r to nc17, series: dragon saga

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