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Sorry I'm so late this week with the birthdays, but I got into work on Monday and found out they wanted something done by yesterday evening that I thought would take longer so I've been flat out. Just finished it, so I can post now with a clear conscience :).

I'm listening to L'Arc~en~Ciel at the moment and it's much popier than Hyde's solo stuff, but it's rather catchy. I like the Awake album best yet (so much so that I went to YesAsia and ordered it ::g::) and I have that in my Hyde/L'arc playlist on shuffle. But enough about me and on to the birthdays.

Happy Birthday to:
lasairfhiona, yougouptown and arderei for the 3rd,
ivyadrena for yesterday
digitalwave and ellethgur for today
rowen_r, written_mayhem, ctpaul860 and maddirose for tomorrow
lillian78 for the 8th and
jak_quill for the 9th
Many Happy Returns to you all.

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