Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Just a rambling entry :)

I did lesson 2 of Pimsleur's Japanese I this morning and I can now say 'hello' politely for the right times of day, 'how are you', 'fine thanks', 'thank you', 'goodbye', 'excuse me', various combinations of I understand, don't understand or understand a little bit of Japanese or English and 'no I'm not very good/skilled' - oh and I almost forgot, 'Are you American'. There are so many sylables, but so far I'm keeping up - I think.

I've found that scribbling down the words and phrases phonetically as I'm repeating after the CD helps me remember. And then I prattle on at Rob in the car on the way home in an attempt to practice ::g::.

Give me about 10 years and I'll probably have a working vocabulary - maybe :). It's funny though, now that I know a couple of words the rest of the language doesn't sound so much like gibberish even if I don't know what it means ::g::.

I'm waiting for it to get exponentially more difficult or for my brain to crap out and refuse to take in any more information. You're only supposed to do one lesson a day from the CD so I have thirty days of lessons in Japanese I, then 30 of II and 30 of III - wish me luck :).

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