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This was a gift for kitsune in the hpvamp Conversion Exchange and so it's a bit harder than the type of fic you would normally see from me. If you read the Lucius/Harry fic from the last exchange then you know the kind of level this one is at. Please read the warnings.

Title:The Secret of Surrender: Part One
Pairings:Snape/Bill, Snape/Hermione (sorta), Snape/Draco, Snape/Harry, Snape/Ron, mentions Ron/Bill
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings: incest, humiliation, bondage
Summary:Severus knows something strange is happening and he thinks there is a new Dark Lord, but things are stranger than he could ever have imagined.
Authors notes:Thanks to my beta for the excellent job and I do hope Kitsune likes this.
Word count: 8153

Original request: Anything really, my only requirements are that it be NC-17 rated slash with kinky sex, and please DON'T have Snape as the vampire doing the conversion! There's enough vampire!Snape fics out there already. Now, if you wanted to have vamp!Ron converting Snape... that would make me really happy. As for particular pairings, I'll take any combination of Severus, the Weasley brothers, Lucius, Draco, Sirius, Regulus, Harry... pretty much anyone except Remus (I love him dearly, but just can't see him as a vampire).
Special requests: my big kinks are - urophilia, incest, chan, cross-dressing, bestiality and humiliation. I know these aren't easy things to fit into a vamp fic, but anything you can work in would make me happy.

Severus knew he was in trouble the moment he opened his eyes. The Dark Lord was dead; Albus' pensieve had exonerated him of all crimes of which he had been accused and he had been finally free for almost a year now, but he had known for weeks that all was not right with the world. There was another Dark Lord coming and he seemed to be the only one who could see it happening; even Potter and his little friends had appeared oblivious to it. He had been returning home from shopping in Knockturn Alley when someone had hit him with a stunning hex from behind.

The fact that he was unconfined was a surprise, but he was not comforted by it much. He was lying on some sort of padded bench and the fact that there were points for restraint on it did not escape his notice. Sitting up slowly he took in his surroundings and it worried him greatly although he allowed none of the emotion to show on his face: he was bathed in light while the rest of wherever he was, was swathed in darkness.

"Hello, Severus, it's been a long time."

The voice was like silk and shockingly familiar in that the owner was supposed to have been dead for three years.

"Weasley?" Snape asked, not bothering to hide his confusion.

"You'll have to be a little more specific," said another familiar voice, "there are several of us here."

Snape peered into the darkness around his well lit spot looking for the owners of the voices, but he could see nothing. All he knew was that he had just heard the supposedly deceased Bill Weasley and Potter's annoying tag along Weasley as well. His Slytherin mind came to only one conclusion; the Gryffindors had decided it was finally time to take revenge.

At first he thought it was a trick of the bizarre lighting arrangements, but he quickly realised that part of the rest of the room was becoming lighter. At first all he could see were two dark shapes in the murky half light, but the level continued to rise as he watched and eventually he found himself looking at the two Weasleys; they were not quite what he had expected.

Bill looked very far from dead, in fact the man appeared much healthier than the few pictures of him that Severus had been subjected to on the one occasion someone had managed to convince him to visit the Burrow after the war. To this day he did not know why he had gone, but it had given him a glimpse of Bill's wedding and the dreadful scars the man had been left with after the attack on Hogwarts. It had been on their honeymoon that Bill and his wife had vanished and both had been assumed dead when the Veela woman's body had been found several months later.

As it was, the elder Weasley's scars were almost completely gone, and he looked as Severus remembered him as a studious seventeen year old in his potions lessons.

The other Weasley did not appear much different from the last time Severus had seen him with Potter; freakishly tall and brimming with life in a way Severus had lost years earlier.

However, there was something about them that made him look harder; something that made him question what he was seeing and it was not just the way they were dressed. Both men were scantily clad, the younger in leather trousers and nothing else and the elder also in leather, but with an open silk shirt draped across his upper body as well. Severus felt as if there was something he should recognise about them, something that was important, but he could not quite figure it out.

"Why am I here?" he asked eventually, settling for finding out what was going on rather than standing in mute silence.

"We want to make you an offer," Bill said with what would have been a disarming smile had Severus been an average wizard.

"Attacking someone from behind is not usually a good way to start such a conversation," he said acidly; he did not like Gryffindors and he definitely did not like being kidnapped.

"This isn't the kind of offer that can be made in public, Severus," the elder of the two Weasley's told him in a way that worried him as well as grated in his nerves since he had given no one permission to use his first name, "and you have to know your place to take advantage of it."

That didn't make much sense and Severus did not like being toyed with, it made him angry.

"Dispense with the drivel," he snapped, "and make your point or release me immediately."

"You're free to go any time you please," Weasley said and appeared amused, "the door is right over there."

A small section of wall lit up and in it was indeed a door. Severus almost strode straight for it, but the something that was bothering him kept him in place.

"Of course if you go you will be obliviated and you will never know you were brought here," Weasley continued in a most infuriating manner. "If you leave before you become one of us we cannot let you remember."

"One of us?" he did not like that phrase one little bit; he had heard it before twice, once when he had become a Death Eater and once when he had become a member of the Order of the Phoenix. "What game are you playing, Weasley?"

"No game," another all too familiar voice entered the conversation and another part of the room began to lighten.

Severus mentally kicked himself, of course where there were Gryffindors there would always be Potter. He waited for the ridiculously dramatic lighting to finish rising while glaring in the direction from which the voice had originated. What he saw as the darkness withdrew almost made him think this was some bizarre dream. There was not one person being revealed, but two and one was definitely Potter, although sans glasses and dressed in a similar manner to the younger Weasley, but the other was draped over Potter's side in a languid, relaxed pose, wearing a very short black skirt with a frilly petticoat and a small wrap around black top which finished mid torso. This would not have been particularly shocking had it not been for the fact that said person was male and Draco Malfoy to boot.

"They make a lovely couple, don't they, Severus," the elder Weasley said and Severus was sure he was being laughed at. "Draco was our first Slytherin; you have the honour of being the second."

"Tell me what is going on this instant or obliviate me and be done with it," Severus said pointedly, his anger finally getting the better of him. "I refuse to be party to your twisted sex games."

It was clear that they were attempting to humiliate him and a voice in the back of his mind was trying to tell him to leave, but there was more than sex going on here and that idea held him. Too many ideas were trying to come together in his head at the same time and Severus could not figure out what this was really about.

"This better?" Weasley asked and smiled at him, only now the man had long white fangs and the blue eyes looking at him were gently glowing.

Severus actually found himself taking a step back.

"Vampire," he found himself saying like some stupid Hufflepuff.

He knew he did not have his wand, it had been obvious the moment he woke up, but he still reached for where it should have been. The danger he was in was all too clear, but how one vampire could claim so many strong minds was a mystery.

"Not exactly," Weasley replied and returned to human guise, "but close enough. That's what killed me, but I came back as something a little different. Fleur and I were travelling through Romania after visiting Charlie's dragons when we were attacked by a group of vampires. They didn't believe women should be granted eternal life so they used Fleur for food, but they changed me. What they hadn't taken into account was the wolf already in me and instead of turning out a faithful acolyte I became something else. I killed every last one of them."

"Then Bill came to me," Potter said, still not moving from where he was wrapped around Malfoy. "He decided that dead he could do more good than alive so we never told anyone else and he gathered information for me. In the end I asked him to bite me just before the final battle; I could never have cast that last curse as a mortal; my own magic would have destroyed me."

Severus remembered the final battle very clearly; he had almost lost his life several times and he also remembered it had been a blazingly hot day. Vampires and bright sunlight usually resulted in human shaped fires and he made a mental note that when Weasley had said whatever he was was different from a normal vampire, it was more complicated than freedom from the vampire hierarchy. He could not help his curiosity, but being a Slytherin and not a Ravenclaw he was all too aware of the danger as well.

"You have bitten them all," he concluded, looking from Gryffindor to Gryffindor to Slytherin.

"Actually, I only changed Harry," Weasley said almost in a casual tone; "Harry changed the others, but I am the source of the bloodline. Haven't you noticed that our world is sinking back into apathy and stupidity, Severus? You are the only person that has noticed anything at all, and although you have come to the wrong conclusions you were right about what has been happening. We mean to change the way our world works and we would like you to be part of it."

"You are a unique intellect," yet another voice entered the discourse and the last part of the room began to lighten; where there was Weasley the younger there was always Granger.

Severus was not too surprised when the young woman was dressed in leather like the other Gryffindors; her trousers were tighter and she was also wearing a bodice and leather gloves, but she was obviously attired for the same reasons as the others. Something about this whole arrangement was sexual, that much even a moron could have seen.

"I have had my fill of Dark Lords," Severus said, finding that for once what he said was completely true, "you may as well kill me now."

Once upon a time he might have tried to turn the situation around, tried to be the perfect Slytherin, but he found that he was tired and he did not want to live through another war. He would rather take tea with Albus in 'the next great adventure' than live through another Voldemort, even though he was not really ready to die.

"There will be no Dark Lord," it was Potter who spoke this time, "we are just going to change things. It will take generations, but we will steer our world to something that makes us proud. This is not a game of blood purity anymore and none of us will ever be Minster of Magic, but we do not want our world to stagnate. This is about freedom, not slavery."

"Not from where I'm standing," Severus said, looking directly at the only other Slytherin in the room.

Draco looked directly at him for the first time and slowly stood away from Potter. When the younger man was standing at his full height Severus could see Malfoy pride in his stance, regardless of the dress he was wearing.

"No one forced me, Severus," Draco spoke with the same authority and tone that Severus remembered from school; the one the boy had lost after the debacle of his sixth year and only regained after Voldemort had fallen, "I am exactly where I want to be."

Draco held his gaze for a while longer and then calmly moved back against Potter. The submissive pose was completely at odds with the short speech, but it was very clear that either Draco was telling the truth, or very clever magic was being employed to control him. Vampire control was not subtle and the Imperius curse left traces that those skilled in the dark arts could see. Severus was undecided as to what was falsehood in this situation.

"Look into my mind," Potter said as Severus considered, "I know you can do it without a wand if I lower my barriers."

"You are an Occlumens," he pointed out, unimpressed by the offer, "it would be a pointless exercise in manipulation."

Surprisingly Potter laughed, a genuinely amused sound.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Professor," the irritating Gryffindor said, "but I have never been that good. I can keep people out, but once in you'd see anything I tried to do; my last teacher told me I had all the subtlety of a brick."

"You are a vampire, Mr Potter," Severus returned as coldly as he could manage, "no matter what breed you may be, and vampire powers would have increased you subtlety significantly."

At that Draco laughed, but Severus did not find anything amusing. The blond Slytherin whispered something into Potter's ear that Severus could not here and it annoyed him further, but he held his tongue as something passed between the two. When Potter whispered something back and ran the tips of his fingers down Draco's face it almost seemed tender, but Severus did not hold with such fanciful notions. Sex was a weapon like anything else and it seemed Draco had become its victim.

"I did not believe them either," Draco spoke again, but this time he did not pull away from Potter. "It took Harry three days to convince me before I let him have me, don't take as long Severus; it is a pointless waste of time."

"If I were foolish enough to capitulate why involve me in your games," he had no intention of allowing any of those in the room near him, but he wanted to understand; any knowledge could be useful; "I am many years all of your senior, what interest could I hold for any of you?"

"You'd be surprised," it was the younger Weasley who spoke and Severus felt the younger man's stare on him like a heavy heat.

He did not believe the intimation for a second.

"We are a pack, Severus," Bill took up the mantle of speaker again as his brother carelessly leant against him from behind; it became eminently clear from the way the elder leant back slightly that the boundary between brothers had long since been crossed, "and we have a pack hierarchy, but it doesn't work by age like our night dwelling brethren. It's about power and submission."

The whole world was about power and submission, but Severus did not bother to enlighten the Gryffindor dunderheads since they would never understand.

"Harry figured it out," Granger drew his attention next and he did his best to hide his surprise at the statement; Potter had always seemed slow witted to him.

"I felt it," Potter said as if it explained everything and Severus sneered at him.

"Harry is more powerful than me," the elder Weasley re-entered the conversation, "and, although I made him, I acknowledged that at the time, which makes me submissive to him even though he would rather I wasn't. Hermione and Ron submitted to both of us before Harry converted them."

"So we are submissive to both of them," the younger Weasley said, moving out from behind his brother, "not that that means much unless things get out of hand. We don't kill when we feed, but Harry had to stop me the first time because I couldn't stop."

"And Mr Malfoy is the lowest in this hierarchy I suppose," Severus did not bother to hide his disdain; this was obviously a Gryffindor clique with token Slytherins.

"Actually Draco is the same level as me," Bill said with an expression that on one of the lions was rather perturbing; "no one touches Draco but Harry."

Still leaning against Potter, Draco gave him a smile like the cat with the cream.

"Enough of this," Potter said suddenly and when Severus looked in the Defeater of Voldermort's eyes he found himself pinned down by a very impatient gaze. [You will not look, so I will show you.]

The last words were placed straight into his mind and then Severus felt as if the universe opened up and swallowed him. Too much information came at him all at the same time and he was swamped, his mind retreating from the torrent of images and feelings. Potter was not a brick, he was a whole damn building. Then just when he thought his mind would crack under the onslaught it stopped, cut off like a broken spell and Severus found himself leaning on the bench breathing hard. He also found himself shocked and surprised.

Coming out of something like that, he expected to be mentally shattered and confused, but what he felt was a clarity that made him shiver. Potter’s mind had slammed into his and he was starkly aware that the man's power could have wiped away every thought in his head, but instead it had flooded over and through him and left things behind. Now he looked around the room at the five occupants and he did not see simply a group of mismatched wizards and witches; he saw the future and he did not know whether to be afraid or not.

"You are a proud man, Professor," Potter said, looking him in the eyes again, "too proud to fit with us as you are. Your arrogance would tear us apart."

"To be one of us you must submit to all of us," the elder Weasley said in a tone that begged no argument. "We are bound by blood and sex, Severus; do you want to join us?"

In that moment Severus could feel the power in the room as if it was a tangible thing and it awed him. Potter's mind had sliced through his own and it had ripped away the exhaustion of his existence and reawoken a part of him he had thought long dead; a part that he had felt shrivel when he had first realised what Voldemort truly was. It was the part that had seen the Dark Lord the first time and been excited by the possibilities of power; it was the part that could see the world and look forward to finding new things; it was the part that was sure where the winning side would be; it was the true centre of his Slytherin heart.

There was no turning back if he joined them; Severus knew that as clearly as he knew his own name and part of him did not like that. There was no way out of this, no Albus to redeem him, no light that could undo the darkness, nothing that could make him human again if he chose this path. He knew who would triumph in this and he knew Potter and the others were the only future now, but it took him a moment to decide if he could be a part of that. To himself he could admit his fear; it was only practical, and this scared him deeply.

He did not know if he could submit to these children no matter how great they were, but he understood that he would have to give up his pride to be one of them.

"Yes," he said finally as all the chess pieces in his mind finally came down on the board.

He was a Slytherin and the game was clear in his head; there was no other choice. Potter just looked at him, but both Weasleys smiled; the younger in a very hungry manner.

"Ron will convert you," Potter said eventually, a strange light in his unfettered green eyes, "after we have all had you. If you refuse you will be obliviated and we will find others."

It was not a request, it was a command and Severus felt his anger begin to rise and the objective part of his mind realised that that was the point. He had never been kind to Potter and Potter would never be kind to him and if he wanted a place in this new power he would have to pay for it. Payment was something Severus understood and he nodded once.

"Take off your clothes, Severus," the elder Weasley said in a tone that begged no argument, "all of them, now."

He hesitated for a moment, but the look in the other man's eye told him that the first time he said 'no' this would be over. He may have been told as much before, but that was different to being certain it was true; there was no room for negotiation here; it was their way or no way. With as much dignity as he could maintain he stripped, leaving his clothes in a neat pile on the floor. It was not as if he had never been humiliated before, but never in quite this way as he stood there naked, knowing that all eyes in the room were on him.

"You have a nice body for a man your age," Weasley said seemingly taking the lead from the impassive Potter.

Severus had to firmly sit on the instinct to hide himself from the all encompassing stare that passed over him.

"When was the last time you used it?" Bill asked him teasingly.

There was no subtlety to the question, Severus knew exactly what he was being asked.

"Two weeks," he said shortly and did not elaborate; the fact that he had bought a whore in Knockturn alley was not something he would reveal unless forced.

The way the younger Weasley grinned at him then, he knew that they all probably knew anyway. They had to have been watching him closely; they weren't as stupid as they sometimes appeared to be.

"You have never surrendered, Severus," the older Weasley drew his attention back, "not really, not to Voldemort and not Albus, but you will surrender to us. Lie on the bench and place you wrists beside the upper restraint points."

Feeling completely exposed under so many gazes Severus did as he was told. He felt every year of his age as he lay down and put his arms beside his head as he had been instructed. The movement was almost too quick for him to see, but Potter waved his hand and Severus found his wrists encased in padded leather cuffs that were firmly attached to the bench.

"From now on," Granger said as she leaned over him, "there is no 'no'."

On to Part II
Tags: category: threesome/moresome, ch_story: secret of surrender, fandom: harry potter, fictype: 03-10kwds, fictype: chaptered, fictype: oneshot, genre: vampires, pairing: hp - snape/many, rating: r to nc17

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