Beren (beren_writes) wrote,


Saw Ultraviolet on Saturday and have to agree with katemonkey - it's awful. Hubby, sister and I spent the ride home disecting it and we couldn't come up with a single part of the plot that made sense. It was not that there were plot holes you could drive a truck through it was that there were small pieces of plot that had no coherence what so ever. If you like females in tight leather then you'll probably find it entertaining, but don't expect it to be even remotely coherent. Secondary bad guy was cute, but was so shallow there was nothing really to love *pout*.

Circular fight scene anyone?

Birthdays for this week, Many Happy Returns to:
cydonianknight for today,
fade_into_dark, vianne78 and leianora for tomorrow,
secret_zephyr and dmitchell1985 for the 29th.
kiana for the 30th,
pink_grrl and silver89kitten for the 1st July and
tarotgoddess108 and ryo_akuinenn for the 2nd

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