Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

I'm baaaack!

Not that I ever really went away, but I'm letting myself back onto LJ properly now :).

Hols were good except for the fact that Rob gave me the lurgy so I spent 2.5 days virtually asleep! This meant I didn't get as much writing done on my novel as I wanted, but I did get a good start. Y'know when you go from writing a character to really sitting behind their eyes; I finally reached that point with my protagonist thank the lord :).

I gained another fandom gacktxhyde, thanks to watching one movie, Moon Child - that was the one point I failed with the self imposed LJ bann ::g::. *points at icon* Hyde as Kei *le sigh*. Don't have any icons of Gackt yet, or I would show those of you who do not know, the pretty :). I never ever thought I'd be into jrock/jpop, but life is strange like that ::g::.

Anyone in the know - where's the best place to buy jrock/jpop albums? I'm in the UK and don't seem to have branched out into that much. I can find some on, but if anyone knows better places I would be most grateful. Thanks.

Must be off now - need to get some serious writing done on my hpvamp backup fic. I wrote some last night, but it was so hot I flaked out; stupid weather! ;)

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