Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Monday entry :).

First off, I'm not going to be on LJ much this week; I've taken the week off to get some serious writing done on my original novel and so I'm banning myself from LJ for most of the week. This is likely to be my only significant entry apart from any hpvamp stuff I do. I won't be paying attention to email either, sorry, but I'm easily distracted by the shiny so I'm taking the shiny away ::g::.

That being said, Happy Birthday for this week to :

toyish, calenia and pureblood_queen for today,
confusedreality, halatia and the_red_queen for tomorrow,
kitty_z_finn for the 7th
firestarburst, redbitez and queixo for the 8th
the_gwyllion and prozacnation for the 9th and
kimra_dattei and meninaiscrazy for the 11th
Many Happy Returns of the day to all of you.

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