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Black Pudding and Potato tower, Pork Loin, Eton Mess

Okay, here are the recipes from Saturday as promised:

Black Pudding and Potato tower with Mango Chutney
1 medium potato per person
1 round of butchers style black pudding per person
1 squeezy bottle of mango chutney (or any smooth mango chutney)
a splash of sweet sherry
knob of butter
splash of milk
salt & pepper
oil for frying
something green to garnish (I used a little baby spinach because I was using it in the main course, but parsley or the like would be fine)
a little grated cheddar cheese

large saucepan
small saucepan
potato masher (or electric whisk for very smooth mash)
several spoon
cooks ring thingy used to make food towers (no idea what it's really called :))
frying pan

Bring a saucepan of salted water to the boil.
Peel and chop the potatoes into small cubes.
Put the potatoes into the pan of water and leave to boil for 8 mins.
Heat the frying pan with the oil after the potatoes have been on for 6 mins. When hot place the black pudding in the pan and cook for 2 mins on each side (make sure to take off the plastic on the outside of the pudding before frying - been there, not done that, it makes a mess ::g::). Leave in the pan to keep warm.
Drain the potatoes, return to the pan and mash with the butter, milk and salt and pepper.
Put some of the mango chutney in the small saucepan and heat gently, mixing in the sherry to thin it - keep warm.

To plate up put the cooks ring in the centre of your starter plate and push about a cm of mash into the bottom of it.
Push the black pudding round into the ring (you may have to squeeze it a little, but it will go in).
Take some of the mango chutney which had not been thinned and put a little squeeze on the black pudding.
Add another cm or so of mash on the top of this and remove the ring.
Sprinkle the top of the tower with a little of the cheese and place under a grill until lightly golden.
Dribble the thinned mango over the top of the tower and around the plate and garnish with a sprig of something green.

Pork with Creamy garlic potatoes
The majority of the recipe came from here:
Mediterranean pork with mozzarella, sage, plums and oven roasted tomatoes, rolled in herbs. It is a very yummy recipe.
To make it my own I changed the sauce a little by taking the plum chutney and thinning it with a little madeira wine - it gives it a little more flavour and makes the chutney into a nice pouring sauce.
Creamy garlic potatoes
2 medium potatoes per person
1 small tub of double cream per two people
a little milk
1 clove of garlic per two people (crushed)
a little salted butter
salt and pepper
some cheddar cheese in small lumps

large saucepan
small saucepan
oven dish
wooden spoon

Peel the potatoes.
Slice the potatoes thinly (3 to 5mm)
Heat salted water in the large saucepan until boiling.
Boil the potatoes for five minutes so they are par cooked.
Drain the potatoes and cool with cold water.
Place the cream, milk, garlic and salt and pepper into the small saucepan and heat gently until simmering. Simmer for a few minutes to allow the garlic to infuse with the cream.
Put a layer of potato slices into the bottom of the oven dish and season with salt and pepper. Add some small knobs of butter.
Repeat the process until all the potatoes have been used.
Pour the cream mixture over the pototoes so that they are almost covered.
Sprinkle with the cheese.
Cook at 200C for 25 mins (or until browning on top).

Eton Mess
Most of you probably know how to make this anyway because it is a classic, but in case you don't here is the recipe I used.
1 punnet of strawberries per 2 people
1/2 large carton of double cream per 2 people
1 packet of meringue nests per 2 people

large bowl
electric whisk (you can do it by hand, but it will take a while)
sharp knife
big spoon
serving dish

Whip the cream to the stiff peaks stage.
Break the meringue nest into the cream so that they are in small pieces.
Chop the strawberries into small chunks (reserve one for a garnish) and add to the cream and meringue.
Mix together and arange artistically on the serving dish and pop the one strawberrie you saved onto the top.
That's it - easiest pudding in the world :). For those who do not like strawberries like me, it works really well with chocolate chunks too ::g:
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