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Fic: Cuffs and Stuff, Supernatural, Sam/Dean. NC17/17, Day17

Title: Cuffs and Stuff (Masturbation challenge 17)
Author: Beren
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Summary: Dean surprises Sam on the way out of the shower and shows him who's really boss.
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by WB and Eric Kripke et al. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings: bondage, wincest
Author's Notes: Thanks to Soph for the beta. This is 17 out of 31 short fics, all involving masturbation in honour of the Merry Month of May. All fics were written with knowledge up to Hell House, no canon after that was used since that's as far as I've seen.
Word count: 2,656
Link: to other mmom fic

Sam wasn't entirely sure what had just happened. One minute he had been walking out of the bathroom having taken a shower, thinking that he really needed to buy some new underwear and the next he was bent over the table, hands cuffed to a chair that appeared to have been lashed in place just for that purpose and he had been relieved of his towel.

"Oh, Sammy," Dean's familiar drawl greeted him, "I've got you now."

"Dean," Sam tried to turn to see where his brother was, but it was a large table and he was at full stretch unless he wanted to crush things he'd rather not crush, so he couldn't move much, "what the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Blowing your mind, little brother, blowing your mind," Dean said from somewhere behind him.

Sam knew that tone; that tone worried him; last time he hadn't been able to sit down without squirming for three days.

"What if I don't want to play, Dean?" Sam growled back in warning.

"You know if you really didn't want this those handcuffs would come right off," Dean replied and Sam gasped as something cold was feathered across his ass.

Sam glared at the cuffs which were stubbornly still in place and then dropped his head in defeat and disgust at his own subconscious. There were drawbacks to being telekinetic, especially when your powers did not seem to be ruled by your conscious brain. They had discovered on a couple of occasions now that if Sam honest-to-god wanted out of handcuffs or any other type of restraint then they tended to just fall off. It had proved useful on at least one hunt and in one town where the Sheriff had tried to arrest them three times. There had also been the time when Dean had had Sam tied down and had teased him that little too much and Dean hadn't known what hit him when Sam was inexplicably free to take revenge.

"My subconscious is horny and male, Dean," Sam said, but he was almost sure it wouldn't do any good, "but that doesn't mean we don't have things we should be doing."

Dean seemed to have a permanent on switch when it came to sex, where as Sam did much more thinking above the waist and he wasn't exactly in the mood.

"Tell me to let you go one more time," Dean said and Sam only just about heard him because at the same time his brother was running a slick hand down the crack of his ass, "and I will, Sammy."

The slick hand went on to cup his balls and tease his hardening cock and Sam just surrendered with a groan; maybe he was more in the mood than he had thought. As clear as day in his mind's eye, he could see the triumphant grin Dean had to be sporting at the moment. Sometimes he wondered why he put up with Dean's shit and then the slicked hand moved again and he instantly remembered.

"I'm going to have you begging, Sammy," Dean said as he ran his fingers back up Sam's ass, dragging out another gasp and Sam believed every word.

What Dean couldn't do to him when Dean so chose hadn't been invented yet and when Dean was in this sort of mood Sam was so glad that a little bit of domination turned him on as much as it seemed to Dean. Dean didn't do submission well, he always fought every step of the way which could be entertaining as well, but Sam knew how to surrender. Maybe it was the younger sibling coming out in him, since he had always been smaller until he had hit fifteen and a huge growth spurt, or maybe it was just the way he was made. Either way he knew when to give in.

"Oh god," Sam whispered as the something cold that had originally taken his breath away came back.

"Found an interesting site on the web, Sammy," Dean said in a conspiratorial whisper, and it was at times like this that were the only occasions Sam really didn't mind his brother using his pet name, "all about cold. Seems there are some folk out there who swear there's nothing like it for turning you on. I put all the gear in the freezer, Sammy, and now I'm going to put it in you."

That was the only warning Sam was given as the cold thing tracking across his buttocks was lined up with his ass and smoothly inserted. He knew the feel of it very well, it was the small butt plug Dean had bought way back when this aspect of their relationship began, only it had never been cold before or coated in freezing lube. Sam's voice deserted him completely as his ass tried unsuccessfully to pull away from the cold and to clamp round the intrusion at the same time. The resultant gasping left him breathless and completely incoherent.


Sam was never so beautiful as when he was completely at his mercy and Dean was having to fight the desire to just screw his brother through the table. He had detailed plans and they definitely did not involve him in Sammy until much later in the proceedings; he could be masochistic in that way some times. He liked to see Sam's face when he was buried in him up to the hilt and Sam's current position would not do for that.

When Sam really surrendered to him there was nothing as delicious and Dean knew he would have his brother begging for everything he wanted to give him. Their relationship was quite equal usually, but when Dean wanted to be dominant he had to play it out. He wasn't sure if it was a character flaw, or an advantage and he didn't dwell on it much, because it sure was fun and Sam had yet to complain.

Leaning over Sam, he ran the flat of one hand over his brother's ass and twisted the butt plug slowly with the other one. The noise Sam made would have been indecipherable to most people, but Dean knew every sound that came out of Sam at times like this and he smiled broadly; Sam was definitely enjoying this. That was half the challenge; to push Sam as far as possible and make sure Sammy was so strung out his brother didn't know anything but the pleasure. It turned Dean on as much as being touched to see Sam completely at his mercy and totally focused on the moment.

Sam always thought too much unless Dean was there to stop him.

Continuing to play with the plug with one hand he bent over Sam's lanky, sprawled frame and licked a swathe up Sammy's stretched back. He tasted clean skin and a taste that he always associated with Sam, but never had been able to identify with anything else, it was just Sammy.

"Dean," Sam's voice was uncontrolled and breathy.

"What do you want, baby brother?" Dean asked, leaning close to Sam's ear and whispering.

When Sam did not reply immediately he moved back and pulled the plug out almost all the way before re-angling it and pushing it back in. The moan from Sam was almost better than a caress.

"Tell me, Sammy," Dean commanded, moving the plug a little way, but refusing to give Sam the same stimulation again, "tell me what you want."

"More," Sam was only a hair away from really begging, so Dean moved the plug again just a little, "please."

Dean felt his cock twitch in his pants at the tone of his brother's last word; oh yes, this was going well. He pulled the plug partially out so that only the tip was in Sam and waited. It didn't take long and there was a small whine from Sam, an almost animalistic sound that never ceased to send wonderful messages all over Dean's body and the way Sam's ass wiggled as he tried to regain the plug was simply fantastic.

With Sam it was all about making sure the reward was worth his cooperation and these days Dean was very good at knowing where the line was; the one time he'd crossed it had been interesting to say the least. Most people looked at Sam and thought sweet and innocent, Dean knew way different. Running his fingers down Sam's backbone Dean pushed the plug back in making sure to find the sweet spot. The way Sam pulled against the handcuffs made Dean grin widely and rewarded Sammy by stroking his hand down and between his brother's legs and skirting over Sam's balls.

He played a little longer, pulling the butt plug out and sliding it back in with different speeds and using different angles making Sam writhe and moan and then he pulled it out completely, after all it was warm by now. Sam began making the whining sound again at the loss.

"Patience, Sammy," Dean said, walking towards the refrigerator and its freezer compartment, "I'll be back."

He opened the door to the freezer slowly knowing that Sam could just about see him out of the corner of his eye and he picked up the larger butt plug and the lube. It wouldn't do for the lube to freeze, but he'd only left it in there since just before Sam came out of the bathroom so if would be very cold but still useful. He was going to need it because the second plug was a couple of sizes up from the first; he wanted to drive Sam insane after all.

Taking his time, he moved back to his vantage point behind Sam and let himself enjoy the view. Everything on show was his, Sam would let him do anything and it gave Dean a hot buzz of power and a warm sense of belonging at the same time.

"Are you ready, Sammy?" Dean asked, stepping closer so that Sam could feel him standing there. "Do you want what I have?"


Dean smiled in triumph as he efficiently coated the butt plug in lube; Sam was going to be begging again in no time. The silicon rubber was cold and it made him shiver just to think what it had to feel like; with it so different from body temperature Sam had to be able to feel every last millimetre inside him.

"Stretch, Sammy," Dean instructed as he ran his gaze over Sam's long body, "I want you away from the table."

Dean had spent a good couple of hours planning this and he had set up the table very carefully. The chair was lashed at precisely the right distance so Sam could be bent over the table without damaging anything, but would have to work to give Dean proper access. Sammy straining to keep himself in control and position was something Dean loved to see and he marvelled in the sight of Sammy's muscle's shifting as he did as he was told. Very pleased indeed, Dean covered one hand in extra lube and decided it was time.

Sam almost crashed back into the table and Dean was pretty sure someone in the next state would have heard his little brother's exclamation as he slipped the head of the plug into Sam's ass and wrapped cold fingers round Sam's erection at the same time.

"God ... Dean ... hell."

It was wonderful to reduce his well educated little brother to monosyllables.

"You like that don't you, Sammy," Dean whispered in his best bedroom voice as he manoeuvred the plug and fisted Sam's cock firmly; "you liked that a lot."

The only reply was a whimper, but it was enough for Dean. Sometimes it was better not to push Sam to words; after all he didn't want him thinking just yet. He set about working the plug in slowly, loosening Sam with every pass as he teased Sam's cock with his other hand. He knew it had to be driving Sam crazy as he alternated the attacks, making sure there was enough sensation to keep Sammy's arousal rising, but not enough to push him over the edge. Reading Sam was easy and he could tell exactly what to do next to thwart what Sammy was after.

Sam was panting and whimpering with equal measure in not too much time at all and if Dean hadn't been so determined to follow his plan he might have stripped and screwed Sammy into the table. He was so hard that it almost hurt, but he relished torturing himself almost as much as torturing Sammy; it was all about control.


It was such a quiet sound and Dean felt a rush of lust and desire as Sam began to come completely undone.

"I couldn't hear you, Sammy," Dean said, enjoying every moment, "what was that?"

"Please, Dean," Sam's voice was a little louder, but the request was far too vague.

"Please what, Sammy?" Dean asked, pushing the plug the last few millimetres so that it slipped completely into Sam's ass.

The resultant moan from Sam was wordless, but heartfelt as his body accepted the intrusion completely.

"You want to come don't you, Sammy," Dean encouraged as he twisted the plug in place.

"Yes," Sam's voice was quiet and desperate.

"You know what you have to do, Sammy," Dean continued, working on Sam's cock this time.

Sam's whole body was straining, teetering on the edge of orgasm while trying to stay exactly where Dean wanted him, and Dean let his eyes take in every inch. He gave his brother a couple of seconds to gather his wits enough to speak and then he pulled the plug out slightly.

"Please, Dean," the words fell from Sam's lips in a rush, "please let me come. Please, please, Dean, please."

Dean smiled in complete triumph and re-angled the plug, just so, while thumbing the head of Sam's cock. Words continued to come from Sam, all variations on a theme and Dean let them wash over him in a wonderful waterfall. He was well aware of exactly how to push Sam that little bit further and he moved the plug and his other hand in tandem this time, aiming for maximum sensation. Sam's babblings became incoherent as Dean worked him hard and fast and Dean saw Sam's whole body stiffen before his little brother was shuddering and shaking and screaming his name.

It was the most magnificent sight Dean had seen in a long time and he milked Sam for every last drop of cum and every last bone jarring spasm. Sam's legs were barely working by the time Dean finally decided to have mercy and slowly pulled out the plug: the little whine from Sam made him smile even more. How he loved it when Sammy came apart in his hands.

"Time to go to the bed, Sammy," Dean whispered in his brother's ear and he grinned broadly as the cuffs on Sam's wrists just fell away.

He loved Sam in this condition, so undone that conscious and unconscious were virtually the same thing. They were far from finished for the evening, but Dean thought he'd give Sammy a few minutes to recover, just enough time that reducing him to this state again would be all the more fun.

The End
Tags: fandom: supernatural, ficfest: mmom, fictype: series, rating: r to nc17

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