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Fic: MMOM Installment listing

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This is the entry listing for my Supernatural mmom answers. The links will be filled in as the stories are posted. All fic is of an NC17/18 or R rating and contains masturbation. This is a list of all the prompts I gave myself and the fics which resulted. For ease I've colour coded the fics: light yellow are Wincest, darker yellow are slash and pink are het.

Fics will be posted in order, so the number next to the fic indicates what day in May is will be posted. The order is completely random - it is just the order the prompts came to me in. The fics are all seperated entities, not connected at all.

[Edit: Since there is vamp canon in Supernatural now I feel I should point out, I haven't seen it yet and the vamps listed below were mostly written before the ep came out. The different fics don't even share the same vampire ethos, let alone the proper canon one :).]

Scenario Title POV Words Pairing
1. Dean watching Sam from the bathroom Voyeur Dean 1,908 Sam/Dean
2. Sam solo Secret Shame Sam 248 Sam/Dean
3. Dean solo Now! Dean 394 Sam/Dean
4. Virgin sacrifice by own hand Sam (he's never been with a man so he counts) Sacrifice Sam 3,411 Sam/Dean
5. Dean and the handmaiden Handmaiden Dean 605 Dean/OFC
6. Dean and the butt plug Dean and the Butt Plug Dean 1,394 Sam/Dean
7. Sam and the butt plug Flying Solo Sam 1,092 Sam/OMC
8. Sam with female vampire Cages Sam 4,207 Sam/OFC
9. Dean with female vampire Misconception Dean 1,223 Dean/OFC
10. Sam with male vampire Bait Sam 1,335 Sam/OMC
11. Dean with male vampire Danger Dean 1,012 Dean/OMC
12. Dean's one night stand Toys Dean 1,777 Dean/OFC
13. Sam and Jess (mutual) Sunday Fun Sam 2,414 Sam/Jess
14. Sam and Jess's ghost Ghosts Sam 2,417 Sam/Jess
15. Dean bringing Sam off with his hand Truth Sam 3,471 Sam/Dean
16. Sam bringing Dean off with his hand Touch Dean 574 Sam/Dean
17. Dean bring Sam off with toys Cuffs and Stuff Sam Dean 2,656 Sam/Dean
18. Sam bringing Dean off with toys (gun shaped dildo) Guns Sam 2,099 Sam/Dean
19. Dean as the victim of a female cult Women Dean 1,607 Dean/OFCs
20. Sam as the victim of a cult Seed of Life Sam 1,801 Sam/OMCs
21. Dean and a horny poltergeist Draughty Dean 1,635 Dean/OGC
22. Sam and a demon Tentacles Sam 810 Sam/OGC
23. Meg trying to convert Sam (altered state) Illusions Sam Dean 3,749 Sam/Meg Sam/Dean
24. Sam using his telekinesis to bring Dean off Play Toy Sam Dean 1,799 Sam/Dean
25. Dean torturing Sam by touching him while in a public place Dinner Entertainment Dean 557 Sam/Dean
26. Sam squirming because Dean made him wear a butt plug and then being released. The Bet Dean 1,047 Sam/Dean
27. Dean talking on the phone to John while Sam pulls him off Phone Call Dean 576 Sam/Dean
28. Sam dreaming about Dean, waking up and having to see to himself while Dean is asleep Dreams Sam 1,098 Sam/Dean
29. Dean in the bathroom trying to stay silent since Sam is in the other room Quiet Dean 703 Dean/hand
30. Sam having visions of a sex demon and needing a little help Demon Sam 2,111 Sam/Dean
31. Sam and Dean masturbating each other Stress Relief Dean 2,214 Sam/Dean
  Total Dean 18 25,430
  Total Sam 15 34,718
    Total Word
(so far) 51,944

Spawn of MMOM
Link: More Tentacles Sequel to MMOM 22 Tentacles.
Tags: category: het, category: slash, category: threesome/moresome, fandom: supernatural, ficfest: mmom, fictype: series, rating: r to nc17, type: mmom fic listing

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