Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

I do so hate it when fics suddenly end ...

... there are several WIPs I follow in various places and the other week I was most disappointed to see one of the really good ones I had been following for months come down with what I call "WIP can't be bothered, must finish now syndrome". It's almost worse than being abandoned completely, because you're reading this great fic with lots of plot and detail and suddenly everything is wrapped up in two pages and you're left sitting there thinking "What the hell?". I wish it was an isolated phenomenon, but I've seen it lots of times now and I so wish it didn't happen.

I honestly think that leaving the fic and telling everyone you might come back to it when inspiration strikes is better than hacking an ending together that makes people want to tear their hair out. At least that way you can finish it in your own head.

What do you all think? [Edit - should say  "fic is not finished"]
Poll #716650 To hang or not to hang

If an author of a WiP has come to the end of the road and the fic which do you prefer?

A rushed ending
Being left hanging
I don't read WiPs

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