Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

I have come to a conclusion ...

... it's not my fault I'm addicted to Supernatural; it's the combination of characters that I cannot resist and so the new obsession to add to the old one if clearly all the creator's fault not mine. *nods*
I was chatting with assassinofjoy and have discovered a simple equation:

  Supernatural Harry Potter
Dark haired angsty one who's mother died to save him=Sam=Harry
Lighter haired one with a smart mouth and hidden depths=Dean=Draco

I can actually site examples from other fandoms too:
New Pros - Sam and Chris - okay so the hair colour is swapped, but Chris has all the dead family angst and Sam is a smart mouthed flirt.
Highlander - Richie and Duncan (even though I was never into the slash in that fandom)
Weiss Kreuz - Aya and Schuldig - both red heads (Aya's red is darker than Schu's ;)), but we'll ignore that, there's the whole dead family thing going on with Aya and Schuldig has a very smart mouth (he's also an evil SOB, but we'll ignore that as well ::g::).

It's an addiction I tell you - absolutely nothing I can do about it. Not my fault, no way, nothing to do with an inability to pass by a show with pretty boys in it. I mean if it was just all about the pretty I'd be writing SGA as well and I'm not, and I refuse to try and analyse my facination with Bones, because that's just out of left field and surprised even me ::g::.

So, have any of you spotted consistencies in your fandom choices - is there any combination of characters which has you hooked instantly?

[Edit: Supernatural mmom progress (nabbed the bar idea from moonlettuce)
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