Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Pimping again ...

There are not enough HP people joining up at mmom (Merry Month of May/Masturbation). If I wasn't doing Supernatural I'd have a go at HP, but sorry, I'm not insane enough to try and write 31 fics for two fandoms at the same time ::g::. If you don't think you could write 31 fics all by yourself I'm sure you could team up with someone else and produce a collaborative effort.

It can be 31 drabbles if you like.

Come on, you know you wanna play. Make moonlettuce happy and spread the word to as many fandoms as you are in (just no RPF). Come one, come all and write smut (and plot if you want, but of course that's optional ;)).

19 down, 12 to go.
Tags: ficfest: mmom

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