Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Greetings all

I had planned on finishing up the migratgion of info from my old website to my new one this weekend, but y'know what I've been doing this long weekend, when I haven't been doing church and family things that is? I've been writing smut, Supernatural smut to be precise. I saw this comm spn_mmom on Thursday and it rather spured on my creative juices. MMOM stands for Merry Month of May or Merry Month of Masturbatoin and I decided to write 31 masturbation fics. I'm on number 16 now and I have been having so much fun with the pretty boys ::eg::. I've also been working on my hpvamp entry for the Conversion Challenge, so never fear the HP love is still strong; it's just fun to play with some other boys as well ;).

I have to admit I am totally addicted to the sinful love that is Wincest. Well what could the writers expect, giving the fandom two very good looking young men who happen to be brothers and no other really regular appearing characters? I do hope it wasn't someones twisted way of stopping the slash, because that just plain didn't work ::g::.

Ah well, back to the wincest. 15 left to go ;).

Happy birthday to:
chelidona for the 17th
okinay and yllyana for the 20th
spikedfrog, florahart, zedmeister, alternateyou and lexin for the 21st and
arizosa, anevilweasel and lunarlover for the 23rd

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