Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

I'm going bonkers!!!

OKay, so I've been bonkers for ages, but heh! ;) Sorry about the lateness of this weeks first post, but it's not been a good week - looking much better now though. I think I was just in a bit of a funk and now I have stepped up to the plate and taken charge. I think I may frighten some of the males I work with ::eg::.

The reason I'm going bonkers is that I've just been through my friends list and I really fancied reading some Supernatural fic and I can't *wail* - it's all NC17 (not that I'm complaining, you understand, just bewailing the fact that I can't read it til I get home ::g::). I could read some H/D, because I saw lots of that as well (some of which wasn't NC17), but I'm in the mood for Sam/Dean at the mo. Sam is such a woobie *sigh*. My brain keeps throwing H/C senarios at me like it's going out of fashion. I have the same urge to do terrible things to Sammy as I do to Harry - sometimes I really wonder what this says about my psyche ::g::.

Now on to the birthdays (sorry for being late):
Many Happy Returns to:
scandalous_chib and ringoffury77 for the 10th
izell for yesterday
nemkess and _outercourse for today
fayelafee, dela, support_gc_sp and serasarahhhh for tomorrow
evanescens, ziona2000 and dihall for the 14th and
papermulberry, leyenn and wolvies_wench for 16th

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