Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

I think my ISP support people are not overly bright...

... or at least their system isn't (at least they are quite fast). I have my website back, but their form has a little entry point where you can put your email addies for replies, so I put in my gmail account. Then I sat back waiting for the email to tell me the files were back so I could remove the MP3s or the same thing would happen again. Lucky for them that their servers were down most of yesterday, because the idiots sent an email at 11am saying that my site was back up - to the default email address on the account, which is my home account that my beloved checks once a day, max, usually at about 10pm.

Which bit of "Please put it back without this directory [directory name inserted here] or email me immeditately so I can take the files down" did they not understand? If their system can't even figure out that when you enter an email into the little box requesting an email addie to reply to, that you actually would like them to use it, what hope do they have?

They used to be a really good ISP; now they're a pain in the arse! They have bandwidth download limitations that they promised they weren't introducing, and their webspace is about as useful to me as a chocolate cauldron - turns out that my site has been skirting the edges of the bandwidth limitation for months, without any audio files to help it along. I'm moving all my stuff to WebMania and easynet (if the fact that I can't find anything in their policies about bandwidth is not just an oversight on their part ... otherwise I'm going to look into the hosting reccommended to me in the comments to my last post - thanks).

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