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Further on website ...

I've contacted my ISP to have my account reactivated, but the mp3s will be down until I have decided exactly where to put them. I have one site that is supposed to be on a server that has no file limit and no bandwidth limit, but I have not added anything to it in a long time and I'm not sure if they have changed their policies. If they have my new webmania account, I believe, has negotiable bandwidth and I shall go talk to them. It looks like 12GB a month is not going to be enough.

Looking at my stats I think corruption has been downloaded about 300 times - I'm a little stunned.

On a brighter note Angels and Devils has been nominated at Forbidden Desires Awards (, a Draco/Harry awards site, for the Best Creature Story category. Thank you, whoever did it.

I tried out the recipe I posted yesterday for the beef with garlic and although my execution of it was crap, it tasted rather nice. If you're doing it, get your beef very thin and do not use too much cheese. Also, a very sharp knife is required or the cheese squidges out the end ::g::.
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