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Weekend and new stuff :)

Seems to have been the weekend for new stuff. After attempting to record things on and tidy up my old laptop I gave up and now have a shiny new one. My beloved took me to PC world on Friday and helped me pick one out. My harddrive is now 100GB and my memory is 1G and it is whizzy and fast and has yet to be named properly. Now all I have to do it transfer all the files from the old one to the new one, and then Rob is going to adopt the old one (his laptop has no CMOS battery so everytime you turn it off it loses all its settings). If you are wondering why he did not have a new laptop before it is because he only uses it for work and has the shiny new Mac Mini when at home :).

It was Mothering Sunday yesterday and so we had the family round for lunch. My mother is addicted to salads and so that's what I made. Since it was 18 degrees yesterday it was a a good choice.

I found the most wonderful recipe for Greek Salad dressing:

Greek Salad
The Salad (this is just what I used, you could use anything you fancy)
1 little gem lettuce
handful of mixed salad leaves (I used baby spinach, rocket and water cress)
cherry tomatoes
haloumi (toasted)

The Dressing (the important bit :))
1 cup red wine vinegar
1/2 tspn basil
2 gloves of garlic (crushed or grated)
1 tblspn sugar
1/2 tspn salt
1/4 tspn white pepper
1 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

Combine all the elements of the dressing apart from the oils and leave to steep for at least 20 mins.
Wash the lettuce and salad leaves and arrange on a plate. Chop the tomatoes and olives in half and scatter over the leaves.
Cut the Haloumi into approx 1/4 inch slices and dry fry in a pan until toasted on both sides.
Chop the feta into cubes and scatter over the salad and then tear the toasted Haloumi into pieces and do the same.
Add the oil to the dressing and mix vigourously with a whisk. Pour over the salad and then enjoy :).

Also have new webspace. I found a provider that does 500MB space and 12GB bandwidth per month for 20 GBP a year, and it includes PHP, MySQL and everything like that. So now I have space for my podcasts, yay!

I've recorded the whole of Distortion, and now all I have to do is edit out the mistakes and the swearing ::g::. Rob found it so funny he thinks I should do a blooper podcast as well, but that may have just been his warped sense of humour :).

Many happy returns to:
dracavia for tomorrow,
xena_2001de and charismamidday for the 29th,
nagasaki175, frostfalcon and themostepotente for the 30th,
platformnine for the 31st and
meridian_star for the 2nd of April
I hop you all have lovely birthdays.
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