Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Had a wonderful weekend ...

... and now I am completely knackered :). I've had so much fun this week with temaris, lost_house, thwax, scary_rob, moonlettuce, Seph's M and my beloved. On Saturday I cooked, they came and then we spent Sunday we far too much technology ::g::.

My day on Saturday started at 4:30 am - not by choice, but by the fact that my brain went 'on!' and then refused to switch off again. Rob eventually woke up at about 7:30 and then we finally fell out of bed at 8:15 ish. You'd have thought that we'd have started with breakfast wouldn't you, but we seem to sort of have forgotten that, and I realised when we sat down to dinner at 7:30pm that my sole calorific intake for the day had been a cream egg and a couple of cups of tea ::g::.

I started cooking at about 9am and I roasted peppers for the veggie chilli while my darling husband dashed out the the shops to pick me up the ingredients I had forgotten ::g::.

I made the falafels first and I realised that the shrinking falafel phenomenon is not to do with how hot the oil is, it's to do with how wet the mixture is. If your dough is too wet you will end up with incredible shrinking falafels, however this is easily fixed by a few more breadcrumbs :).

The rest of the day was pretty much cook and make a mess with my beloved following me around and cleaning up after me (he is such a wonderful man *sigh*). By the time people started to arrive I was almost finished, only needing to put stuff in the oven or finnish off the last minute things like poaching the chicken and making the sauces.

I think everyone liked the food, including the experimental starter of polenta toasted in sesame oil, on a bed of cooked spinach with balsamic vinegar and a mayonaise, ricotta and nutmeg cream. At least they were very polite if they didn't ::g::.

Discovered something else about zabaglione too; if you don't have a humungous bowl then make it in smaller batches. I made a batch of six first and then a four and the four came out much firmer.

After dinner we all went upstairs and mostly passed out ::g::, before we all headed for bed. Not a peep was heard until half eight the next morning. I couldn't walk because I'd been standing up for ten hours the previous day, but other than that everything was fine :). My darling husband tidied enough space so that we could all have breakfast - which was amazingly organised considering that most people were sleepwalking ::g::. Conversation ranged from how there was no need for nuclear weapons when you could probably find a critical mass of shippers to do the same job, to how Marmite (or the might of marm ::g::) was the food of the gods.

Then we all headed upstairs again and stated chatting and the technology came out - I think the count was five laptops, four external hard drives, a couple of PDAs and more slash or slashy material than you could shake a stick at. I hate to think how much data changed hands ::g::.

We had a great time and didn't really move all day after that. There was talk of podcasts and slash and SGA and Supernatural and LJ and ... well lots of stuff, until everyone had to go home *sniff*. I did not want them to go, but I could now sleep for a week without even trying ::g::. We definitely must do it again some time.

I'm still hobbling along today, but I can walk somewhat better. You'd think after 33 years I'd know that I can't stand up for long periods of time without paying for it, wouldn't you :), but seems I've not been paying attention ::g::. Luckily I have a husband who does a fantastic foot rub ;).

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