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Fic: Bad Luck & the Law of Averages (12/14), The Old Guard, Nicky/Joe, mature

Title: Bad Luck and the Law of Averages (12/14)
Fandom: The Old Guard (Movie 2020)
Pairing: Nicky/Joe
Summary: Nicky can't help assisting people in need, but this time he's being played and those duping him come with fangs. When he goes missing the whole team are frantic, particularly when they start having strange dreams, especially Joe. They have to find Nicky before it is too late.
Rating: mature
Warnings/Tropes: Vampires, Immortal!Husbands, Nicky Whump
A/N: Yes, of course I wrote vampires into TOG – it is my mission in life to write vampires in every fandom. 😂 You're welcome 🧛😂.
Seriously though – I hope everyone enjoys reading this one, I have so enjoyed writing it. Thanks to Soph for the beta.
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Bad Luck and the Law of Averages

Chapter 12 – Together

When they had first returned to the safe house, the only thing on Nicky's mind had been sleeping. He might have slept soundly the previous night, but the last few days had eaten any reserves he had had and then some. Nervous energy was only good for so much. Dealing with Elise and Paul had been the one step too much for him. Thankfully, safe in Joe's arms, he had not dreamed.

When he had woken, Joe had already been awake, still holding him and it had filled him with such love he had wanted nothing more than to get lost in his husband. Looking into Joe's eyes, he had seen the same need coming back at him.

They had decided to shower, since Nicky had literally fallen face first into bed after their excursion and he had wanted to be clean.

The feeling of Joe washing his body was amazing. He was kind of sad to have been so out of it the last time. The soft slide of bubbles and washcloth with the sensation of Joe's hand on top of the material had his nerves humming. He wanted to touch back, but every time he tried, Joe made a small tutting sound and gave him one of those patented looks that stopped him in his tracks.

It said 'let me look after you' without any words at all.

Nicky could deny Joe nothing, never had been able to, especially not now. The last few days had been so stressful, so beyond what even they could have imagined with their long lives and full life histories.

Joe ran the cloth over his chest and down as he leaned against the shower wall. His head thudded against the tiles and his eyes slipped closed as his husband oh so skilfully slid down the crease from his hip, cupping his balls with the warm material. His tiny gasp was involuntary and heartfelt. His nerves lit up and his heart thudded in his chest.

"I was so afraid I would lose you," Joe whispered, leaning in close as he moved his hand back and forth.

Joe kissed him on the side of the neck. He whimpered.

"Even when you came back to me, I was afraid the pain would take you away from me, even as your torment continued," Joe continued. "I always knew you were strong, my Nicolo, but I never imagined."

Nicky had to touch now. He opened his eyes, taking Joe's face in his hands.

"Yusuf, love of my life," he said, looking his husband, lover, other half of his soul directly in the eyes, "the only reason I am strong is you."

As Joe moved in to kiss him, he released all control again, accepting anything and everything. He opened to Joe's lips and tongue, eyes closing again, feeling the connection between them so clearly it almost hurt. In the beginning they had died so many times by each other's hands fighting against the truth that their souls had mixed. Their deaths had come so close together they had never dreamed each other and yet it sometimes felt as if they dreamed each other every day.

When Joe drew back, still cupping and gently fondling him, he opened his eyes once more.

"You are my life, my heart, a part of my soul," Joe told him with the complete sincerity that always made Nicky's heart quicken. "I want to love you, to make love to you, until the heavens crumble - if you will let me."

"Always," he replied, breathless.

Joe smiled at him, kissing him again and stroking his cock, making him gasp against his husband's lips.

"I think I shall make you come," Joe whispered in his ear after letting him breathe, "so I can see you completely undone, before we take this somewhere more comfortable."

He buried his face in Joe's neck, biting his lip and groaning as Joe's skilful fingers stroked him. He was so close. He needed so much that he could feel himself trembling.

"My beautiful man," Joe whispered and it almost sent him over the edge.

Only a twinge in his upper jaw held him back and he stiffened with shock. He shook his head, pushing himself away from Joe quickly as instincts he had thought gone urged him to bite and to flee at the same time. This could not be happening now.

"No," he said, putting his hand over his mouth.

"Hey," Joe did not let him get away, cupping the back of his head and crowding into him so he was trapped in the corner of the shower, "hey, it's okay."

"It's not …"

"Sssh," Joe said, gently but firmly pulling his hand away from his mouth, "it's fine."

Joe calmly and reverently kissed him, even as he could feel the fangs in his mouth. It was the first time he'd been aware of them since the cross. He hadn't even realised he still had them.

"I wanted …" he couldn't bring himself to say it.

"You wanted to bite me," Joe said, no condemnation there, but Nicky could not understand why.

He nodded, guilt welling up in his chest.

"Then bite me," Joe said, shocking him into stillness.

"What if … what if..?" he had trouble even suggesting it.

"What if you made me like you?" Joe asked and Nicky nodded again. "So what? We know what to do now," he added, lightly fingering the scar on Nicky's chest. "Blessed silver isn't hard to come by. But," Joe looked him in the eye again, "I think it very unlikely. That she-demon tried to make you like her in the most deliberate way, it took intent, and your blood healed Andy, it didn't infect her. You are even more extraordinary now than you have always been."

"How can you say that?" Nicky whispered. "I could hurt you"

Joe smiled at him, stroking his face and bringing their foreheads together.

"Not because of this, you couldn't," Joe said, gently bringing their lips together again for just a moment. "Whatever you need my love, you can have."

Nicky was still terrified.

"And your eyes glow so prettily," Joe added, smiling at him, "they have been since I first touched you."

Joe kissed him again, but seemed to realise his shock was not dissipating.

"Come on," his husband said, "let me get us clean, and we can take this to the bedroom where we can talk without worrying the water will get cold."

Nicky was not usually a meek follower, but there were too many things going around in his head to be able to think of anything sensible, so he went along with it. Only once he was sat on the bed with a towel in his lap did he try and start processing again.

"You were waiting for that," he finally said as a few things became clear.

Joe shrugged, dropping his towel on the floor and coming to sit beside him completely naked.

"I thought it would probably happen at some point," Joe admitted. "When you fought you changed."

"Changed, changed how?" he asked.

In the heat of battle, he hadn't been quite sure what had been different and what had been adrenalin spikes he was quite used to. His nails had not changed as they had before.

"Well, My Love, you have always been somewhat apocalyptic when you get going, but I can only describe you as a magnificent angel of death," Joe replied. "It only lasted a few moments at a time, but it was truly amazing."

Nicky wasn't sure how he felt about his husband being quite so appreciative of something so dark.

"Why doesn't this frighten you?" he asked, honestly confused.

Of course, he had known he was not back to normal, his senses were more acute, he was stronger, faster, but this underlined why. This underlined the otherness.

Joe leant in and put a hand over his heart.

"Because it's you," Joe said, "and I know what is in here."

Nicky looked down at Joe's hand. There wasn't really anything he could say to that.

"Now, while, if you are willing, I would really like to sink into you over and over again until neither of us can remember our own names, I think we may have to deal with this first," Joe said. "Not that I would object to being bitten during our love making, but until we are sure of how we will both react, I think it might be safer to keep the two separate for now."

All sorts of kinky possibilities leapt into Nicky's head at that. Even if his forebrain was not on board with the idea, it appeared his libido was perfectly comfortable with it.

"You don't have…" he started to say, but Joe put a finger on his lips.

"I know," Joe said simply, "but you are mine and I am yours and you need this."

"I want this, I may not actually need it," Nicky pointed out, disgusted at his own lack of control.

"My heart," Joe said, squeezing his hand, "you are as pale as a ghost. I think you need this, and I will take no chances."

Nicky found himself presented with Joe's wrist.

"While I would love to have you nibble on my neck," Joe said, "for a first time, a wrist might be prudent."

Looking at his husband's face then at his husband's wrist, Nicky found himself out of arguments. He almost asked if Joe was sure, but he already knew the answer. When he gently took Joe's wrist in his hands, his husband gave him an encouraging smile.

The fangs had not retreated since they had first made an appearance, so it wasn't as if he had to do anything to make them descend.

He knew how this worked, at least, he had done it before. His fangs were sharp, they slid into Joe's flesh with only the slightest resistance. Joe grunted and Nicky almost stopped, but then blood hit his tongue. It was as if every pleasure centre in his brain fired at the same time and Joe crystallised into his awareness. It wasn't the same as with Bryce, it was so much more. He moaned and swallowed, and Joe gasped and swore in broken tones and languages that Nicky couldn't follow.

It only lasted three or four swallows, but when Nicky licked Joe's wrist clean, the two little puncture marks closing even as he removed his fangs, he was breathing hard and buzzing with desire and pure unadulterated lust. Joe's pupils were dilated, and he could feel the need radiating from his husband.

"Your turn," he said, voice husky as he too vibrated with desire.

"I want to be inside you," Joe all but growled out, the need making his voice so very deep.

"Anything, everything," Nicky replied as liquid heat pooled in his cock.

Joe kissed him, hard and needy before disappearing towards the chest of drawers. Nicky shifted up the bed, letting his legs fall apart as Joe retrieved a small tube from the top drawer. Every twitch of Joe's muscles as he moved, the thud of Joe's strong regular heartbeat, the smell of clean, fresh skin and male arousal, he catalogued it all, senses on full alert.

He licked his lips, watching Joe's ample erection bob as his husband climbed back onto the bed between his legs.

"How..?" Joe started to ask.

"In me now," was the best Nicky could do, because he needed Joe like air. He wasn't even sure which language he used.

They had made love for over nine hundred years, but something about this felt as crucial as the first time. Nicky did not need slow or gentle, he needed Joe.

"Lie back," Joe told him and he did, lifting his legs to give Joe plenty of access.

Slick fingers worked over his hole almost immediately, making him groan, but he refused to put his head back or close his eyes. He needed to see Joe. As his husband slipped first one finger, then two, then three into him, he breathed, holding himself still as his muscles trembled. Joe always said he had infinite patience, but it was Joe who had the patience now.

Nicky could see the need in Joe as clearly as he could feel it in himself, but Joe refused to hurt him. Joe opened him carefully, if a little more quickly than usual. So much so that when Joe finally moved forward, lining up and pressing in, Nicky keened, eyes locked on his husband's face.

Joe did not stop until he was fully inside, filling Nicky up with the most perfect pressure. Leaning over him, Joe planted his arms either side of Nick's shoulders and gazed into his eyes.

"Together," Joe told him in Arabic, "forever," he added in Italian.

The last knot of doubt that Joe would see him as he was now and be repelled melted away in Nicky's chest. They held still and silent for a few moments, absorbing each other, and then Joe moved. Finally, Nicky put his head back and moaned and Joe began to turn his bones to water.

Joe was not an exclusive top, nor Nicky an exclusive bottom, but Joe was very, very skilled at taking Nicky apart with his cock, with his fingers, with his mouth. It really never mattered how Joe touched him, his husband could reduce him to a quivering wreck with a single, well placed brush of his fingers. Nicky surrendered now as he always did, body and soul.

As their bodies came together again and again, Joe whispered to him in dialects long since dead and the first time Nicky came without remotely needing to touch his cock.

Joe didn't stop moving all through his orgasm, pushing him on and on until he whined in the back of his throat. Only then did Joe slow and carefully pull out, urging him onto his side, before sliding right back in. Their immortality gave them certain advantages, like increased stamina and much shorter recovery times, but that was too fast even for Nicky. He moaned, but Joe knew him as well as ever, rocking gently into him, barely moving at all, touching him and kissing his shoulders as his body recouped.

Only when his cock began to swell again, did Joe's movements increase.

"I am going to fuck you until you are completely spent," Joe whispered in his ear, "until you have no more seed to give. Only then will I bury myself inside you and come so hard you will feel my bones quake."

Nicky moaned.

"And then we will lie together, touching, kissing, tasting, until our gift replenishes our bodies and I can love you all over again," Joe went on. "You are mine Nicolo, as I am yours, and I wish to show you for as long as you will let me."

Each declaration was punctuated with the slide of Joe's cock and all Nicky could manage was a hum of agreement.

Nicky was lying between Joe's thighs, head resting on Joe's leg as he mouthed at Joe's balls as Joe's cock lay soft and spent while they recovered after a second round of Joe fulfilling all his promises, when he felt the ache in his gums again. He had felt the otherness in him rise towards the surface several times during their love making so far, but not this distinctly. This time he was pretty sure it was nothing to do with need, this was pure want.

He looked up at Joe, who had been carding fingers through his hair.

"What is it, Lover?" Joe asked.

Nicky opened his mouth, knowing Joe would see the fangs.

"I am not a man to argue with pleasure," Joe said, angel that he was.

For once Nicky did not second guess this new aspect of himself. He moved his head, kissing along Joe's inner thigh where Joe's right leg was thrown out to the side. All he could smell was sex as he allowed himself to sink into the wants and needs of this part of him and it drove him on. Joe moaned quietly as he gently nipped at the sensitive skin and mouthed against it. This was new and different, purely sexual, and he wanted to savour it. He had always liked the taste of his husband's skin and this added so many layers.

"Nicolo," Joe finally whispered, almost a plea or maybe a prayer.

Nicky lifted himself up, placing an arm over his husband's hip, opened his mouth and bit down. Joe shouted something incoherent and almost bucked him off as pleasure swamped them both, but Nicky held Joe down and drank. Again, he only took a little, but when he pulled his fangs away this time he did not pause. Joe's cock was proud and hard from only those few moments of his bite and Nicky pushed the vampire in him back down. Moving forward, he swallowed Joe's cock and made his husband howl a second time. It was magnificent.

Something so big it was nearly inconceivable had nearly torn them apart forever, but it had failed, and Nicky embraced their joined bodies as the symbol of their victory. He wanted to feel everything Joe had to give and share the passion that he felt. When the man he loved without question reached for him again, he gladly let Joe have whatever he wanted.

A banging on the door made them finally look up from each other quite some time later and Nicky glanced at the clock. It had been over four hours.

"There's food," Andy's voice came through the door. "You need more than protein."

Joe grinned and Nicky rolled his eyes, not that they didn't deserve the inuendo, of course.

"I could eat," Joe said with a shrug.

Nicky nodded. Although he had bitten Joe more than once, normal food sounded good too.

"We'll be down in ten," Joe called out and Nicky picked up the sound of Andy's boots walking away.

For someone who could be as silent as a cat, when she wasn't paying attention Andy could be very loud. Or possibly that was a defence mechanism from living on top of other people for so many years. Sometimes walking in on one of your friends enjoying themselves either with someone else or alone was just not what you wanted to see. Those things were best planned.

"Do you think Nile is going to be able to look either of us in the eye?" he asked as he reluctantly let Joe off the bed. "We were loud."

"She was a marine," Joe said with a laugh, "she'll probably just never let us forget it."

"I'm not sure I remember how to pretend to be embarrassed," Nicky added and followed his husband back into the bathroom.

"My love, I am amazed you remember how to speak, I have not seen you that non-verbal in a long time," Joe told him.

He laughed, it was true.

On to Chapter 13
Tags: ch_story: bad luck, fandom: the old guard, pairing: nicky/joe, rating: r to nc17, type: fiction

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