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Just popping this here so I don't loose it. Transcript of narration from the Netflix video posted to their twitter.

The Old Guard Through History

5000 BCE - shown on screen timeline

Early in the fifth millennium BC a group of raiders swept west across the steppes.

One would never die.

In myth and legend, she is known as Amdromache the Scythian.

Andromache the Scythian - Andy
Andromache the Scythian - Andy

4800 BCE - shown on screen timeline

Betrayed in battle and left to die, she rose again.

For centuries after she led her people, a warrior queen blessed by the gods.

3400 BCE - shown on screen timeline

Generations passed and yet she remained unchanged until finally, her loneliness compelled her to leave her people behind.

3300 BCE - shown on screen timeline

For thousands of years, she roamed the Earth learning, and teaching and fighting – always compelled to move on.

For thousands of years, she searched for another to share the blessing and curse of immortality and for centuries, she found no one.

Then she dreamt of a woman seen at first only in bits and fragments.

With time, Andromache the Scythian came to believe she was not alone.

It took her more than a century to find her, but when she did both women knew one truth – neither would have to be alone ever again.

Her name was Quynh.


331 BCE - Shown on screen timeline

Seven hundred years later during Alexander the Great's Conquest of Judea they found a third.



With Andy to lead them, they walked the world lending their arms in skill and battle – eternal, fearless and invincible.

As centuries past, their exploits, their very names moved from fact to story to myth.

They would fight together, forever – or so they thought.

How and why Lykon's immortality abandoned him neither Andy no Quynh could say.

The wounds that had always healed simply did not.

Suddenly, Lykon was dead and Andy and Quynh understood that nothing, not even they, would last forever.

They understood that, even for them, there was an ending.

The First Crusade culminated in the Siege of Jerusalem in the summer of 1099.

Nicolo of Genoa - Nicky
Nicolo of Genoa - Nicky

In the fighting, Nicolo of Genoa (Nicky), a young knight who had left the priesthood behind to follow the Crusade, crossed blades with the scion of a merchant trading family from Maghrib named Yusuf Ibrahim Muhammad Al-Kaysani (Joe).

Yusuf Ibrahim Muhammad Al-Kaysani - Joe
Yusuf Ibrahim Muhammad Al-Kaysani - Joe

Their battle did not go as either could have imagined.

Forced by circumstance to put their enmity on hold the two discovered more in common than not.

What began as an unlikely friendship had grown into something far more by the time Andy and Quynh found them.

This group of four immortals travelled far and wide, seeking those fights and causes they felt worthy of their unique gifts.

1453 - 1750 - shown on screen

As a tide of religious hysteria moved across Western Europe, they followed it, attempting to protect the lived of those innocents caught up in the madness of the persecution.

After rescuing a group of women about to be burned as witches, Andy and Quynh found themselves hung by the neck for their crimes.

Death, once again, refused the two women.

To those watching, it only confirmed what they suspected.

Andy and Quynh were clearly agents of the infernal.

If they would not die, the priest concluded a fitting imprisonment was required.

Rescued by Joe and Nicky before the same fate could fall upon Andy, they searched desperately for Quynh.

Plagued by regret and guilt, Andy was never able to forgive herself for abandoning her first, and oldest friend.

Sebastien Le Livre - Booker
Sebastien Le Livre - Booker

In 1812, a convicted forger named Sebastien le Livre (Booker) was given a choice.

He could die in prison or die for the Emperor's glory and France.

Finding neither option to his liking he attempted to leave Napoleon's army in the winter of 1812.

A fourth option presented itself when he was hung for desertion.

Booker's education, intellect and curiosity made him a much needed addition to the team.

Better adapted to the rapid changes of the Industrial Revolution he provided new direction and greater anonymity as the team began the 20th century as guns for hire.

After six thousand years, the Scythian has grown weary.

Through the lens of history, only the trappings have changed the people have not as petty, selfish and vindictive as ever.

As Andromache struggles to find purpose in their uncertain immortality she and her comrades in arms are confronted by a modern world that no longer permits the safety of anonymity.

In a day and age where an image, a voice, an idea and, most dangerously, a secret can finds its way around the globe in seconds …

The coming of a new immortal could bring about the end of them all… Nile Freeman … or restore what time has taken from the eternal warrior.

Nile Freeman
Nile Freeman


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