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  • Wed, 08:03: RT @HairyBikersKit1: SUMMER GIVEAWAY TIME! 🎁☀️ We're giving away a set of Hairy Bikers Stoneware Dishes and a copy of the Hairy Bikers Med…
  • Wed, 08:56: Ruby is sitting on the desk beside me having a wash - I should be honoured, but she has clearly had breakfast and h…
  • Wed, 08:56: RT @VirginiaWaytes: Good morning, Lovelies💖 I cannot believe yesterday saw the s1 finale of The Manor! Seems like yesterday I was uploading…
  • Wed, 09:20: Current task: learn to use Adobe Editions. I do love that Adobe have tutorials, but I have to say that YouTube is c…
  • Wed, 10:48: We watched Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga last night. It is definitely a feel good film and had a…
  • Wed, 11:59: RT @applepieken: "Adults need to stay out of fandom" Clown! who do you think is creating the art you're liking? Who do you think is writing…
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