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  • Sun, 15:05: RT @ProfTimLang: Dear UK consumers, you know the long, slow, hard struggle over 50 years to clean up food, improve standards, cut pollution…
  • Sun, 15:13: I love recording my podcast, I hate editing it. Finding that tiny bang in the middle of otherwise perfect audio - ugh!!! #AmEditing
  • Mon, 08:52: Morning, @TastingHistory1 I made your Sally Lunn Bun recipe over the weekend. They turned out a little bit wonky, b…
  • Mon, 08:55: RT @BizarreLazar: Experiment Update - Suspension #2. This time for abuse and harassment. Forced deletion and 12 hour suspension. The Presid…
  • Mon, 09:01: There are currently jackdaws outside on next door's shed roof talking very loudly. They clearly have a lot to say t…
  • Mon, 10:24: RT @AndrewYang: The coronavirus doesn’t care if you’re tired of the coronavirus.
  • Mon, 11:28: RT @MasonCashUK: We want to giveaway a Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen bundle worth over £130 to one lucky person! To enter, follow these ste…
Tags: #amediting, twitter

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