Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

I'm going insane!!!!

Okay, so I know some of you think I'm already there :)

I have the use of my arm back for everything except the computer. I can do just about everything else, but if I type or try to use a mouse with my right hand the result it shooting pains up my arm. This means my typing speed is till about 20 words a minutes and I'm going bonkers. I want to write! If I could find one of those dictating programs that didn't cower and produce gibberish the moment I open my mouth I'd be using one (I seem to have the type of voice that recognition software really hates).

As soon as it hits 9am I'm off to Boots to get a wrist support to see if that helps. I was good all weekend; I just rested my arm (hence the reason I watched almost a season of FK) in hopes that it would be all better and now it isn't *pout*. I have one Bones PWP, the roots of a Bones fic, the beginnings of a Supernatural fic and three HP things I want to write and I can't type!!!! *growls*

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