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Arghhh ... and other things :)

I've been wrestling with a really annoying piece of ASP all day so I decided I had to come and update before I did something silly like throw my monitor out the window :).

Anyone else here see Bones slash? I have this mental image of Booth and Zack in the shower that will not go away :). Then of course there's the mental image of Angela and Temperance playing with toys. I really must go and look for comms in a minute.

I tried out some of the veggie recipes you lovely people recc'd for me at the weekend and there is one in particular I have to share at the top level of my LJ, because it was just so completely yummy that I cannot let it be overlooked because it's in a comment. semperintheatro gave it to me and it is divine:

Falafel - semperintheatro style
This makes loads - I halved the recipe because I was just testing it and still have two dinner plates full ::g::. I prefered the ones with garlic, but I tried the recipe without as well and they were lovely too, so if you hate the stuff you can leave it out.

1 cup bulgar (cracked wheat)
4 cups soft white bread crumbs (I got a cup out of about 1 slice of thick white bread)
2 16oz cans of chick peas
1 large onion
2 bunches cilantro (aka corriander, Chinese parsley, Mexican parsley according to Google)
(about) 4 cloves frech garlic (optional)
sprinkling of crushed dried chilli (optional)
tbl spn of cumin
tbl spn of salt
pinch of black pepper
3/8 sup of lemon juice

semperintheatro instructions were so clear I have just quoted them below. I literally followed them to the letter and they worked wonderfully. Be aware that your food mixer is your friend :).

Pour one cup of bulgur (cracked wheat) in a bowl and cover it with cold water. Try to poke it so it stops floating, but don't get obsessive, some of it just insists.

Tear pieces off half a loaf of soft bread. Sourdough is best, but just anything that isn't stale or crumbly, really. Shove it bit by bit into some kind of blender until you get four cups of fresh crumbs. Pour out the crumbs into a bowl (you use the blender again and get it wet, so you have to do the crumbs first)

Open two 16oz. tins of chickpeas, pour them in a colander and rinse them off, and then into a bowl with them (you'll need the siv later too). Into the blender goes the chickpeas, a big onion all cut up, and two bunches of cilantro with their stems knocked off (should come to about half a cup) and some fresh garlic, just.. lots. I usually say "about four cloves", but when I get to it I'm like "well, those two are kinda small, they count as one, and.. here, one more for the pot, and.." but yeah, four's a good place to start, and a pinch of crushed red pepper flakes (which is totally optional if you want a bit of a bite to it, or you can replace it with whatever you like for adding bite) and a tablespoon of cumin, and another of salt and a pinch of black pepper and 3/8 of a cup of lemon juice. No really, I know, but less comes out dry and they all fall apart, and more comes out soggy.

Buzz it all for absoloutely f**king EVER until it's a totally smooth green goo, and then turn it out into a mixing bowl. Drain the water off the bulgur and mix it and the breadcrumbs into the mess. Keep back some of the bread so it doesn't get too dry, but then add it if it turns out too runny.

Get out some oven trays or suchlike to put them on, and start packing them into little balls about the size of table tennis balls. You absoloutely have to be sure that they're going to be cohesive, you can't just scoop them with a spoon. I usually grab a clump of it and knead it between my hands, and sort of toss it, smacking it into my palms, and then roll it into the ball.

Anyway, form it all up in balls, and then find a skillet that's deep enough to submerge the falafels in. Pour enough vegetable oil to come close to the edge but not right to the edge into it, and heat it up. It'll make this weird deep pinging noise, and there'll be circles on the surface, and after both of those have calmed down it should be ready, but test it with a scrap of falafel dough; it should bubble wildly. Take a slotted spoon and lower in the falafels two at a time (I can fit four pairs in my skillet, yours may be different), when they get sortof walnut coloured spoon them out again and drop them on a folded teatowel to catch the oil. When all the pairs are out, move them to a basket or something so the teatowel is free for the next set of pairs, and so the oil has time to recover (each round of falafels cools it down slightly, if you go too fast you'll end up with undercooked falafels by the end).

And believe it about the oil ... I made a mistake with the last three I was frying and it wasn't hot enough and they disintegrated because they didn't cook fast enough ::g::.

I also made feufeu which was a recipe given to me by furor_scribiend and it was yummy.

Feufeu a la furor_scribiend
ripe plaintains (usually 1/2 per person)

Again I have lifted the instructions given me by furor_scribiend because they were so clear.

Boil the plaintains until they're cooked and relatively soft.

Drain the plaintains from the water and mash them until you've got a smooth mash. Or as smooth as you can possibly get it. A small lump or two won't be the end of the world.

Now, you roll the mash into small balls. If you want it to be a starter, roll balls about the size of meatballs. If you want something for the main dish, roll a ball that's roughly the size of a ice cream scoop. And I wouldn't recommend acutally using an ice cream scoop; the balls won't exactly come out right. It's best to ball it with your hands.

Since I was doing the Falafel I deep fried some of my feufeu and they were very yummy (not very good for me, but delicious ::g::).

Many Happy Returns to:
anansay for the 7th,
luthien and kate_tur for the 8th,
mio_83 for the 9th,
circumchance for the 10th and
seremanwe, noagirl and kagyakusha for the 12th
I hope you all have lovely birthdays.
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