Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Morning all ...

... it's been a non-stop weekend this week :).

Had a Wit and Wisdom (quiz) evening on Friday, which was great fun. Soph and I wrote the questions and I think we pitched them about right :).

Saturday there was a wedding we were singing at, and even though it wasn't until 3 it took out the whole of the afternoon. In the morining we were looking at paint to do the old dining room and we decided on "Natural Wicker" a warm, light yellowish orangy colour (not quite beige ::g::).

Then there was Sunday :). Went up to London to meet salabats, S, luci0logy and luciologuy's mum who are all lovely and wonderful and I want to go meet up with again. We didn't have enough time *pout*; we needed a time turner so we could have spent all day mooching around and having fun. As it was the tube was such a joy since there was no Jubilee line service or Piccadilly line service for where we wanted to go, so we had to figure out an alternative route. No too difficult on the tube, but a delay we could have done without.

Rob found a great car park online in Westminster (Abingdon) that was 10 pounds for all day on Sat and Sun and we knew it was secure when we drove in and saw a Ferarri, a Bently and several other posh sports cars. You can also ring up a day in advance and book a space too (not that we needed to). Much cheaper than catching the train and much better than waiting in the cold for hours.

So we took our round about route to Covent Garden via the tube and we all met up outside the Royal Opera House where there was much greeting to be had :). It was so nice to finally put real people to the friends that have been living in my head ::g::. We immediately headed for an Italian in the middle of Covent Garden, which I have to admit I was not impressed with at first glance because of the huge queue :), but I have to admit the food was lovely and we had a nice lot of space downstairs in the warm to chat and eat.

We talked about the resturant with the risque paintings and scultpures that the other four had been to the pervious evening (will definitely have to go there one day ::g::), Harry Potter (well duh!), conventions, trains, the weather, shoes (and blisters ... poor saladbats) and lots of other things. It was much fun.

Then luci0logy's mum had to go catch a train, so we all walked to the station and bid them fairwell (much hugging occured :)).

Then we mooched around the market stalls for a while, and S found a lovely scarf which was much needed with the wind that was whipping around everywhere.

Next came the big adventure; trying to find an indoor cafe in Covent Garden with somewhere to sit. Not something I would have thought was difficult, but it was far harder than imagined. In the end we had to sit outside and picked a spot right next to one of the heaters. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate were consumed (with large amounts of whipped cream in my case ::g::) and I also had a huge slice of chocolate cake. Very indulgent and very yummy. More talking occured ... about work and things this time :).

Then it was time to make our way towards home in our case and their hotel in S and saladbats's case. It turned out we wanted the same tube trains until we got off at Westminster, so we did the much hugging thing on the platform at Embankment because of lack of time on the tube when exiting before the doors close and parted ways when we reached our station. It was then a matter of walking back to the car and heading home to fall in a heap infront of Midsommer Murders on the box before becoming comatose in bed :).

I do not envy S and saladbats their journey at some inhuman time this morning to Luton airport. Here's hoping the rest of their trip is completely fabulous.

*hugs* to all, it was so lovely to meet you all face to face.

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