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I was reading my flist and something caught my eye about fic pairings so I became curious. I noticed that I don't very often check where I am reading a fic so it could be on a personal LJ or a comm and hence I like to see a pairing listed even when the fic may be posted in a pairing specific comm. For example I came across a fic today and liked the summary, but instantly thought 'so what's the pairing'; being a bit slow on the uptake it took me a few seconds to remember to look at where it was posted to find out it was an H/D comm.

So for me I like to always see the pairing specified, but I can imagine for others that it might be annoying to see someone telling you what you already know because you're more observant than me and know where you're reading. Hence the poll below :).

Poll #677914 Fanfic pairings:

When do you prefer to see fic pairings?

On every fic heading
Only in fic headings where the pairing is not implied by the comm
Not bothered

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