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  • Tue, 21:47: You know you're a writer when you start looking up things like 'how do you construct a spiral staircase' ;) #AmWriting
  • Wed, 08:12: Good morning world, hope we are all well. Best wishes to all and hugs to those who need one or would like one. 🤗💖
  • Wed, 09:10: The delivery company for the radiator coming today were really specific with their time slot - 7am to 6pm - thanks, that helps so much! 😝
  • Wed, 09:14: RT @VirginiaWaytes: Getting ready for some serious writing today. Wish me luck! #AmWriting Need at least 5K today. Come on brain and finger…
  • Wed, 09:17: Why are icons so similar??!! - just opened Publisher instead of Photoshop for what has to be the 20th time. Arghhh!
  • Wed, 10:05: Salchows and Serendipity ( #HarryPotter/ #WinterOlympics Xover) - 9. Half the Story by @beren_writes #wattpad
Tags: #amwriting, #harrypotter, #wattpad, #winterolympics, twitter

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