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  • Wed, 08:04: Thanks inner ear, that was fun ... not! Yesterday started well, and then the room began to spinning. Luckily it on…
  • Wed, 10:58: Good lord - Win10 actually asked me if I would like to restart my machine rather than simply hijacking it - I am shocked! 😎
  • Wed, 10:59: RT @stonewalluk: The TRANSforming Futures Project wants to hear about trans people’s experiences of interacting with services! If you’re tr…
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  • Meme Time! The AO3 Meme, just because :)

    I have 334 works on AO3 at the moment in lots of different fandoms. I really must get round to writing more. I'm pretty sure a lot of these results…

  • Yuletide :)

    So for the first time last year I actually got my act together and signed up for Yuletide and I'm so glad I did. My assignment was for htbthomas…

  • EYM - Bring Back The Listener

    The Express Yourself Meme (EYM) is a weekly blog hop run by Jackie at Bouquet of Books and Dani at Entertaining Interests. Each month they post…

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