Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Stuff and Supernatural

I'm running days behind as usual :). My cold is almost gone though which is pleasing me lots. *hugs* to everyone else who has been poorly.

Happy Birthday to:
strchsr and ella_bane for the 14th
serpentmalfoy for yesterday
geeky_goddess79 and lovebug2867 for today and
vonnie_d and eurothrashed for the 19th
I hope you had/have great days.

Now on to my new obsession: Supernatural. I sat back and noticed people mentioning it on their LJ before it reached British TV and I waved it off as two pretty boy in another occult show ... and then I saw it. I now thoroughly understand the love that is Sam and Dean :). Yeah, yeah, I know, just what I needed, another fandom to add to the list ::g::.

So what I was wondering, since most of my flist seem to be ahead of me on this, is if you lovely people could rec me some good Supernatural slash. I've found sn_slash, which is great, but I'd love to read some stories with some more meat on them. Preferably Wincest and finished, but I'll dive into anything else too, and if anyone has any recs that involve vampires I will love you forever. I haven't been through the whole of sn_slash yet so recs from there would be good too as well as any other comms I should know about ::g::. Thank you in advance for any help.

[Edit: Have Supernatural icon now ... am happy :)]

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