Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Godd morning all :)

I'm in a perky mood today because it's mine and Rob's 9th wedding aniversary. He bought me a lovely card and some choccies *le sigh*. We're going out tonight to a lovely restaurant called Froggies, one of the two places in the UK where I will order steak.

After my surprise week away I am terribly behind so let me try and catch up ::g::.

Many Happy Returns to:
kaylafic for the 1st,
shikishi for the 2nd,
demi_de_melee for the 3rd,
sorceress_death, gwinna and icon_ified for the 4th
krissielee and demongame for today
daisy_drabbles, sad_faerie and maidengurl for tomorrow
daylyn, zoeicedraconis and dropje for the 10th and
teiira and anariel_di_gaia for the 11th.
I hope you all have/had wonderful birthdays.

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