Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Last day of course ... managed to nab the PC with internet access

Morning all, it's the last day of my course today and I came in early to borrow one of the three PCs with internet access in the course room. We all have our own PC for the course, but only three have network cables!

For those wondering after my rather explosive post about mailing myself the wrong file; I did manage to get my hpvalensmut entry in on time. I managed to come up with a work reason to turn on the broadband in my hotel room for one day (not that I had much time to use it, but never mind ::g::). BTW, they have started posting the entries for hpvalensmut so if you want to see some good fic and art go take a look.

My hotel has been very nice, but I am so looking forward to getting home. I miss my own bed :). Rob's getting back tomorrow from Belgium so I'm looking forward to that too. At least we were both away at the same time; knowing my luck I'd expected to be away on a course just as he came back, but someone was smiling on me for this one. My parents have been looking after our kitties for us and I expect to find two very spoilt cats when I get home. I know that mother fed them tuna last night so I may have to stop off and buy some prawns so I can top that in the spoiling stakes; it's very important to prove I can spoil them more ::g::.

After a week away my inbox is scary, so I'm not brave enough to try and sort it out yet ... that'll have to wait until I get home.

Oh and if anyone is in the Frimley/Yately/Farnborough area and wants a superb Italian meal, go to the resturant in the Casa Des Cesari Hotel in Yately. The food is magnificent and the staff are lovely.

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